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Fall 2021

Now more than ever, we as individuals must commit to protecting not only ourselves, but also our entire community. In order to reduce person-to-person transmission of COVID-19 and reduce the risks for all who return to University of the Arts, each of us—all students, faculty and staff—is required to agree to the following UArts Healthy Promise. Each student and employee returning to campus will be responsible for upholding the policies outlined in this Healthy Promise.  

UArts Healthy Promise

I recognize that as a member of the UArts community during the 2021–2022 academic year, my actions and the actions of all who return to campus will be important in order to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission. I promise to do my part, and to the best of my ability, uphold the following.

In support of UArts’ commitment to health and safety for all members of its community, the university has updated its immunization requirements for students to include a COVID-19 vaccine and will also require all faculty and staff to receive a COVID-19 vaccine. This health policy update means that, with limited exceptions, all students, faculty and staff must be fully vaccinated by the start of the fall semester. Documented medical and religious exemptions will be reasonably accommodated.

  • Students should plan to be fully vaccinated, with the final dose of the vaccine received at least two weeks before their return to campus for the fall semester.

  • Faculty and staff should plan to be fully vaccinated by Aug. 15, with the final dose of the vaccine received by Aug. 1. 

Before Returning to Campus

I agree to the following.

  • I will follow all federal, state, and/or city mask mandates. 

  • If I or another member of my household tests positive for COVID-19, I will voluntarily share this information with UArts Health Services if I am a student, or HR if I am an employee, and seek advice on my return to campus.

  • I understand that opening plans for UArts may change if federal, state, city or university guidelines and directives change, and I agree to abide by all current and future federal, state, city and University of the Arts mandates, policies, protocols and procedures. 

On Campus: Daily Health Check & Self-Care

I agree to the following.
I will voluntarily participate in a daily self-care and health assessment (self-screen).

  • I won’t attend any in-person events on campus if I am ill (exhibiting any COVID-19-like symptoms), including classes, functions and/or reporting for work.

  • If I exhibit symptoms of COVID-19 and I am a student, I will contact Health Services to determine my next course of action; if I am a faculty or staff member, I will contact my healthcare provider.

  • If I test positive for COVID-19 and I am a student, I will notify Health Services immediately and follow guidance with respect to campus activities. I understand that if I am a residential student and am unvaccinated, I may be required to relocate to the isolation and quarantine housing area on campus. I will only return to classes when I am medically cleared by Health Services staff. I agree to follow the isolation and quarantine procedures prescribed by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and UArts.

  • If I test positive for COVID-19 and I am a faculty or staff member, I will notify HR immediately and follow guidance with respect to campus activities. 

Face Coverings & Personal Hygiene

I agree to the following.

  • I understand that University of the Arts has required masks, for students, faculty, staff and visitors. I will wear a mask that covers my nose and mouth. I will follow all federal, state, city and/or university mask mandates. 

  • I will wash my hands throughout the day, and for a minimum of 20 seconds, with soap and water. When I am unable to wash my hands, I will use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

  • I will follow all cleaning protocols, using the provided supplies as communicated, in studio, classroom, office and/or communal spaces. Those protocols might include wiping my desk or work area, studio tools, computer equipment or other frequently touched objects before and after I use them.

Social Distancing & Building Conditions

I agree to the following.

  • Should social distancing restrictions be reintroduced, I will maintain appropriate social distance from others in all locations on campus.

  • I will abide by all posted signs, which could include elevator or space occupancy limits, and classroom or office spacing designations. I will also prioritize individuals with special access needs for elevators and seating in communal areas.

  • I understand that measures have been taken to improve air circulation, including opening windows in some spaces and increasing outdoor air handling by HVAC systems. This may result in spaces that have variable temperatures, and I will prepare accordingly.

Visitors, Guests & Special Events

I agree to the following.

  • If I am a residential student, I understand that the residential guest policy has been modified, and I am not allowed to have any non-UArts guests visit my room, with the exception of move-in and move-out. Other UArts students are permitted to sign in as guests in all residence halls.

External guests will be permitted to join most in-person, public-facing programming and special events under the following conditions.

Masks are required in all indoor spaces.
  • Masks may be removed for eating/drinking, and unvaccinated guests are advised to remain 6 feet from other persons when eating/drinking.

  • Any persons who are sick or have any symptoms that are indicative of communicable disease (including, but not limited to, sneezing, coughing, fever, gastrointestinal pain and diarrhea) are asked not to attend any university event or activity.

  • Any persons who have had a possible recent (in the past two weeks) exposure to anyone with a COVID-19 infection are asked to not attend any university event or activity.

Note: All visitors must abide by university mask requirements. Capacities for certain events may also be limited.


I agree to the following.

  • I will only travel for personal reasons when I absolutely must and will abide by all protocols regarding self-quarantine, as required by the Pennsylvania Department of Health or the city of Philadelphia, before I return.

  • Faculty and staff requesting domestic travel for work must communicate with their supervisor for arrangements and safety protocols. 

  • Faculty and staff requesting to participate in international travel will require approval from senior staff. 

Dining on Campus

I agree to and understand the following.

  • Should social distancing restrictions be reintroduced, I will maintain appropriate social distance from others in all dining locations on campus.

  • I understand all dining services will be grab-and-go and that seating inside dining locations will be limited. Alternate seating locations are available across campus and will be included during the campus tour at Orientation. 

In Closing

I understand that as a member of the UArts community, I will play an important part in keeping our entire community healthy and safe. I understand that failure to comply with the standards outlined above, and those policies detailed at and other sections of the website, may result in disciplinary action, which may include, but is not limited to, imposed limits on my ability to be on campus in person and remain at UArts.

I also understand that the expectations outlined above apply to all members of the UArts community, and it will take all of us doing all we can to reduce the risk of transmission. Should I see a community member not upholding the promise, I will feel empowered to kindly remind them of their pledge to the UArts Healthy Promise. If I myself am reminded, I will thank them and take the necessary steps to ensure my actions align with the UArts Healthy Promise. I also know that I may report incidents that are in conflict with the UArts Healthy Promise to

Still Need Assistance?

Our plan is a work in progress that will be updated constantly through the summer and into the fall semester. But you might need assistance and answers now. Below is a collection of resources and contacts for different needs.

For academic questions: Office of the Provost:

For financial aid questions: Student Financial Services: 

For health-related questions (students): Student Health Services: 

For health-related questions (faculty/staff): 

For housing-related questions: Office of Campus Life:

For international student questions: Office of Student Affairs:

For Accommodations: Office of Educational Accessibility:

For Advising: 

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For UArts Libraries: libraries@uarts.ed