Glorious Piner headshot

BFA '19

Creative Writing (BFA)

Glorious Piner BFA ’19 (Creative Writing) is currently in the MFA program at the University of Maryland with a focus on poetry. She teaches poetry at the University of Maryland.

She has two works published in Queerbook, the inaugural anthology released by the first LGBTQ+ bookstore in the country, Giovanni's Room’s attendant press. You can find more of Glorious’ work in The American Poetry Review, The Florida Review, Conduit Magazine, the Scoundrel Time Magazine and more. Glorious hosts a podcast, called The Writer’s Workshop Cafè, on sustaining and financing the practice of creative writing. She’s also co-hosting another podcast on literature, due to release in the Fall, and curating two anthologies – one on American sonnets and the other on contemporary African American poetry. You can follow @gloriouspiner on every relevant social media platform for updates on the release of projects and forthcoming published works.