Gianna DiMatteo ’23 (Game Art)


Game Art (BFA)

Why did you decide to become a FYG?
I decided to become a FYG to become more involved in the UArts community. I also wanted the opportunity to be there for the new incoming students to make them feel comfortable and excited about attending UArts!

What's your favorite thing about UArts?
UArts has such an amazing community ranging from the staff and students. Everyone is very kind, encouraging and talented, it feels like home. 

What makes you excited about New Student Orientation?
I am so excited for new student orientation to interact with the new students and build a bond with them as well as be as helpful as I can. I also am looking forward to all of the fun activities planned!

What advice would you give to new students before they get to campus for their first semester at UArts?
My advice would be to be optimistic and open minded to all new people and opportunities your first semester. Just be yourself and put yourself out of your comfort zone to meet new people and learn about yourself!