Emerging Leaders

Explore our leadership program at UArts and see why you should get involved!

Emerging Leaders is our leadership series at UArts that encourages students to learn about themselves, their strengths, leadership qualities and techniques to help them be successful in whatever they decide to pursue on campus or off campus.

Emerging Leaders

The program has two parts. Emerging Leaders is part one of the program and is an 8 week discussion and activity based class that meets in the spring semester. Students are nominated to participate in the program by faculty, staff, or peers. In these 8 weeks they learn about the five exemplary practices of leadership, explore their strengths by taking Gallup's Strengths Quest Assessment, and learn that leadership takes many different forms and doesn't just fit one particular mold of person. Upon successful completion of the course, students recieve a leadership certificate. 

Emerging Leaders: Leadership in Practice

Graduates of Emerging Leaders are then invited to participate in Emerging Leaders: Leadership in Practice which is an 9 week seminar style program that occurs every fall. Through this course, students are invited to put what they learned in Emerging Leaders into practice as they develop their own leadership projects. The course also takes a deeper dive into skills that are used by leaders like goal setting and conflict management. Graduates of this program receive a second leadership certificate. 

There are many reasons students participate in Emerging Leaders, and we ask students every year what they've gained from participating in the program, and they always cite the same few reasons. Participating helps them:

  • Create community at UArts and expand their networks
  • Learn from various perspectives and gain exposure to new ideas
  • Build confidence
  • See themselves as a leader and want to take on a leadership role on campus

From our perspective, we host Emerging Leaders because studies have shown that the more involved a student is on campus, and the more they contribute to the campus community, the better they do academically, the more likely they are to graduate, and the more satisfied they are with their educational experience. 

Our data shows that students who participate in Emerging Leaders have higher GPAs than the overall UArts GPA, are more likely to persist and graduate from UArts, and are much more likely to take on a student leader role such as Resident Assistant, First Year Guide, or Community Assistant. 

Interested in joining Emerging Leaders? Be on the look out for an email in October inviting you to nominate yourself or your peers. Then, in early November, if you've been nominated for the program, you'll receive an email from Campus Life notifying you of your nomination and inviting you to sign up for the program via a Google Form. 

Missed the nomination process but still want to join? Email campuslife@uarts.edu explaining your interest, and they'll get you connected with the program.