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Accessibility at the University of the Arts is overseen by the Educational Accessibility Advisor and implemented by the University Accessibility Advisory Committee. The UAAC meets monthly and is charged with developing both short- and long-range plans to improve accessibility of the UArts campus, its events and programs, to examine the feasibility and impact of these plans, and oversee the implementation of these recommendations.

  • Dr. David J. Thomas, Chair, Educational Accessibility Advisor and ADA/504 Coordinator
  • Rick Longo, Vice President for Enrollment, Retention, and Student Affairs
  • Sara Kupferer, Assistant Vice President for Student Services & Deputy Title IX Coordinator for Students
  • Dr. Maria deSantis, Assistant Vice President for Academic Support Services
  • Dr. Stephen Lightcap, Vice President for Finance & Administration
  • Christine Schaefer, SPHR, Associate Vice President for Human Resources and Deputy Title IX Coordinator
  • Desiree DeLuca, Assistant Vice President for Operations & Facilities
  • Nick Embree, Associate Dean of the College of Performing Arts
  • Joe Rapone, Associate Dean of the College of Art, Media, and Design
  • Connie Michael, Associate Dean of the Division of Liberal Arts
  • Suzanne Scott, Director of Health Services
  • Abe Zubarev, BCD, LCSW, Director of Counseling Services
  • Jeanette Brown, Director of Public Safety
  • TJ Walsh, Manager of Parent and Alumni Relations¬†
  • Joshua Roberts, Digital Intiatives and Systems Librarian
  • Lexi Morrison, J.D., Title IX and Diversity Adminstrator