Devon Thoms '22


Photography (BFA)

They say that photography is used to portray the truth and that sometimes less is more. I say, turn that on its head and shape your photos into your own truth. More is more.

Devon Thoms is a 20-year-old fashion and portrait photographer located in the Philadelphia area. Not only does he practice photography, he is also a drag artist who centers his work around exploring different sides of himself. Photography has been a large part of his life for nearly five years, mainly utilizing digital media. While attending UArts, he has gained a wealth of knowledge and experience with analog photography, which influences his process of shooting digitally. While growing up in a small town near rural Kennett Square, PA, finding outlets to embrace queerness was a difficult task. Drag allows Devon to connect with his queerness and embrace both masculine and feminine sides of himself that he was not able to embrace in the past. What started as a way to build confidence in himself has now evolved into dynamic views of self through unique and abstract lenses. He is no stranger to Photoshop and likes to straddle the border between works of photography and graphic design. Devon’s work is ever-evolving and he feels that there’s no end to where one’s creativity can take them.