Creative Writing Class of 2021

Read the work samples from the Creative Writing Class of 2021.

An image of a lake with cloudy skies

Lizzy Bailey ’21 (Creative Writing)

From "Origin"

The ocean is an unforgiving mistress that I have never been able to understand. At times it can be calming, peaceful than it can be cruel and wanting to drown you. It is filled with beautiful colors such as blues and greens, varying in range of darkness. The warmth of the heated sand that others jump across like hot stones. 


A sketch of a skyline with text that reads Giulia Fedegari 1320 Crease Street

Giulia Fedegari ’21 (Creative Writing)

From "Once Upon a Bass"

Up to that moment, everything in Erica’s life seemed to have followed the same path too: moving to the big city, living in the dorms and make new friends, remaining with her first boyfriend even though he was attending another university in a different district of Philadelphia.


An image of people in a tunnel walking towards the light

Nyeree Boyadjian ’21 (Creative Writing)

From "Fettish Butter"

My boyfriend hates me,
hates himself. We do it with our masks on
with paper bags over our heads, the lights
turn themselves off, out of shame