Chae Harris ’22 (Vocal Performance and MBET)

'22 (Vocal Performance & MBET)

Why did you decide to become an OC?
I remember how ecstatic I was about orientation my freshman year. I love being able to join in on the excitement with all of the incoming students! 

What's your favorite thing about UArts?
I love how supportive people are at UArts. It’s almost like a common trait among UArts students to just be positive and very welcoming! 

What makes you excited about New Student Orientation?
I’m excited to be able to introduce so many new people to our community! I love meeting all of the new students and getting to see all the new talent that is coming to the university! 

What advice would you give to new students before they get to campus for their first semester at UArts?
Embrace the newness and uncertainty of this experience! Let it guide you to new ideas, opportunities, connections and friendships!