Career Fairs

The UArts Career Services Office will be hosting the following virtual job/career fairs in 2021-22.

UArts Fall 2021 Virtual Part-Time Job Fair: On-Campus Work Study Jobs and Off-Campus & Remote Jobs

Seeking a part-time job?

This is an opportunity for current UArts Students to connect with both on-campus supervisors for work-study jobs and local/remote employers for off-campus jobs.


The job fair is asynchronous, so you can log in whenever you want to explore and connect with potential employers.

The fair is open to all currently enrolled students and is free to attend.

FOLLOW ALL OF THE STEPS BELOW (click each one to expand and see the full info) and watch the “Getting Started” video for signup and account setup instructions. 

This is a mobile-based virtual event that requires you to download and install an app to your device.

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Step 1: DOWNLOAD the app

Go to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store to download the app to your mobile device now in order to set up your profile and prepare to connect with work study supervisors and local employers! logo
6 screenshots of mobile app


Step 2: SIGN UP for the app

Once the app is downloaded on your phone, open the app, touch the “Sign Up” button and then select "University of the Arts" from the school list.

Step 3: CREATE your Profile

On the following screens, from the dropdown lists:
• Select your Degree
• Select your Major
• Select your Skills - (IMPORTANT: If Federal Work Study is part of your financial aid package, make sure to choose "Federal Work Study eligible" in the skill list)

On the next screen, enter your First name, Last name, and Graduation Date. Hit next.

(Optional) You can enter a URL to add a link to external information about yourself that you’d like to share with employers. Hit next.

Add your Email and create your password, then click “Sign Up”

Review the Terms and Conditions and hit next to agree.

Step 4: ADD your Picture

Touch the “Home” button on the lower left-hand corner of the screen, and then touch the pencil and pad icon in the upper left hand corner. To add your picture touch the small camera icon and load your pic. Once you are done, touch the “Update” button.

Step 5: UPLOAD your Resume and/or Student Employment Application (THIS IS REQUIRED)

Click the “Resume” tab on the bottom of your screen.
Name your file and click “Add Resume” where you will see two options:

  1. FROM YOUR COMPUTER (Preferred!)  – an email is sent to you with upload instructions (PDF or Word). 

  2. SCAN MANUALLY – upload your resume by taking a pic of your paper resume using the camera on your phone

Read some Quick Tips for Writing your Resume.

If you are seeking an on-campus work study job, you can substitute a completed Student Employment Application for the resume in your profile. Note that you MUST be eligible for Federal Work Study. To check if you are eligible, go to Student Self Service and click on the Financial Aid Tab. Review your awards by clicking My Awards. If you are eligible for Federal Work Study, it will appear in your list of awards. For more information on the Work Study Program, visit the UArts Student Employment page.

If you plan to explore both on-campus work study and off-campus/remote jobs, the app allows you to upload multiple files to the Resume section, so you should include your resume as well as your student employment application.

Step 6: ADD your Video Profile

Touch “Add Video Profile” under your picture and use your phone to record your “elevator speech” promoting yourself to the participating employers.

Step 7: JOIN the Virtual Job Fair & EXPLORE the List of Employers

Now that you have completed your profile, click the “Events” tab at the bottom of the page.

You will see two upcoming events listed:

  • UArts Fall 2021 Virtual Part-Time Job Fair: On-Campus Work Study Jobs
  • UArts Fall 2021 Virtual Part-Time Job Fair: Off-Campus & Remote Jobs

You can choose to join one or both of these job fairs, depending on the type of job you are seeking.

Once you join, you'll be able to toggle between the two events to see the participating UArts departments and off-campus employers, conduct research to learn more about them and their openings, take notes, and let them know of your interest.

The supervisors and employers will then reach out to you directly to start a dialogue, which may include requesting you to record video answers to specific interview questions, as well as contacting you to schedule an interview. All of this is done using the app, but the actual interviews will take place externally, arranged directly between the supervisor/employer and you.


Step 8: ATTEND the Fair Between September 1-15, 2021

While you will have access to the app in advance to create your profile, review the employers and tell them you are interested, the actual connections with employers will be made during the first half of September, from the 1st to the 15th.

Log in anytime that works for you during those two weeks to see which employers have asked you for additional information, including potentially recording video responses to their custom interview questions.

You may also be asked by the employers to directly schedule an interview with them via their own interviewing platform.

Employer Registration Information

Are you an employer interested in participating in an upcoming virtual career fair?

Read below for registration information and links.

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UArts Fall 2021 Virtual Part-Time Job Fair: Off-Campus & Remote Jobs - September 1-15, 2021

The University of the Arts welcomes local Philadelphia-based companies and organizations, as well as those elsewhere offering remote jobs, to participate in the UArts Fall 2021 Virtual Part-Time Job Fair: Off-Campus & Remote Jobs. The fair is being hosted via a platform called Know.Careers that will connect you with students and alumni asynchronously, enabling you to participate at your own convenience.

This free event will be a great way for you to identify and recruit UArts talent for paid, part-time jobs with your organization. You can use this event to fill your current openings or to build a candidate pool for anticipated openings in the future.

The active component of the fair will happen between Wednesday 9/1/2021 and Wednesday 9/15/2021, but you will have access to review student profiles in advance of that week. You will also continue to have access beyond that week. 

The Know.Careers platform will enable you to view the participating student resumes and recorded video profiles and send invites to those of interest requesting they record video responses to your own set of custom questions.

REGISTER BY 8/25 - You must be offering paid employment. No unpaid internships or volunteer positions.

The sign up process is very easy and should only take a few minutes. Go to Scroll down to find the event named "UArts Fall 2021 Virtual Part-Time Job Fair: Off-Campus & Remote Jobs" and click Sign Up. Click the "Create Account" button. Navigate through the screens to complete your account creation and the event registration process. You will be able to add additional people in your department or at your organization once your primary account has been created.

Once you have registered, we will send you detailed instructions for setting up your employer description and job postings, accessing the virtual event, viewing profiles and contacting students. (Note: this event is FREE so if your initial registration confirmation mentions payment you can just ignore it.)