A headshot of Music Education (BM+MAT) alum, Ben Di Bartolo.

BM '12 (Trumpet), MAT '13 (Music Education)

Music Education (MAT)

I believe the UArts Music Education (BM+MAT) program laid the proper groundwork so that I could not only continue to grow as an educator, but as a musician as well. 

The CAPA Brass Band, a New Orleans style performance group, poses for a picture.
The CAPA Brass Band

Ben Di Bartolo is an itinerant music teacher for the School District of Philadelphia. He teaches small group instrument lessons throughout the week to band students in varying neighborhoods. Ben also teaches students of a wide range of ages, starting students in 3rd grade while also teaching more advanced students in 12th grade. He has had many opportunities to work with students throughout the city while being a part of the All City High School, All City Middle School, and All City Jazz committees. Ben is the proud creator of the CAPA Brass Band, Philadelphia School District’s only New Orleans Style performance group. In only two short years, this group has already performed for the superintendent, Dr. Hite, at the convention center for all district principals, multiple open houses at CAPA, and even on the corner of Broad and South for the general public. He is passionate about finding new and relevant ways to teach music that will instill the love and joy of playing an instrument, while also building valuable life skills along the way. 

Ben performs professionally as a trumpet player in the Philadelphia/New Jersey area. He holds a Pennsylvania Instructional II Teaching Certificate in Music K-12. Ben is a graduate of the University of the Arts in Philadelphia with an MAT in Music Education and a BM in Jazz Trumpet Performance.

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