Sue Carrie Drummond

MFA '15

Book Arts & Printmaking (MFA)

I left UArts with a strong portfolio, a solid professional packet and an extended network of supportive contacts.

While at the University of the Arts, I discovered new processes and materials in addition to having more dedicated time in the studio to explore and develop projects. This time was instrumental to the evolution of a strong body of work and awareness on how to grow my concepts moving forward. Upon entering graduate school, I was given a foundation built on history and technique, one that I used throughout my two years in order to communicate my ideas and investigations. However, it was the emphasis on studio practice and professional development that most prepared me for life post graduating. Understanding how applications are revised as well as developing a portfolio of cover letters, project proposals, and assorted resumes made applying for multiple opportunities straightforward. Additionally, writing a thesis paper about my research and practice in tandem with making empowered me to speak about my work with confidence and intentionality.

It is due to these skills and a strong body of work that I was awarded a summer residency at the Minnesota Center for Book Arts (MCBA). This opportunity afforded me time, space, and funding to continue making work connected to my graduate thesis, further mastering techniques I explored in school. The same summer I received a Penland studio assistantship in papermaking through the Book Arts + Printmaking department which not only allowed me to attend Penland gratis but further prepared me for the residency.

Currently I am a studio assistant in letterpress at MCBA and one of their spring instructors for a papermaking course. I am also currently an intern at Cave Paper, furthering my knowledge of the craft of papermaking. It is in large part due to the contacts I created during the residency as well as the immense network of alumni and faculty (and their contacts) that I received these opportunities. Additionally I have exhibited in several shows since graduating, two of which I was invited to partake in by curators who sought me out. I left UArts with a strong portfolio, a solid professional packet and an extended network of supportive contacts, all of which has made a post graduate life easier and has equipped me to succeed.