Casey Sharpe holding up a piece of jewelry

BFA '09

After graduating from the University of the Arts, art jeweler Casey Sharpe BFA '09 (Crafts) moved to California and now works as a designer at Robert Procop Creative Studio, a high-end jeweler on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. Sharpe is part of a highly skilled design team that works with clients to create custom pieces and exclusive collections that are true masterpieces.


Her personal jewelry work can be found in the Craft and Folk Art Museum in Los Angeles, the Houston Center for Contemporary Craft's Asher Gallery and the Freehand Gallery in Los Angeles.

She is included in the upcoming book Behind the Brooch: A Closer Look at the Backs, Catches, and Pin Stems (Schiffer Publishing) by Lorena Angulo, set for release in February 2014.

Sharpe's "Yellow Poison Dart Frog" brooch, one of three pieces in a series she created while still at UArts, was featured in the January 2013 issue of Art Jewelry in the publication's "Back Page" section.

In addition to being including in a number of national art shows, her work has also been featured in the University's annual Art Unleashed exhibition and sale since 2010.

A visit to the University of the Arts for the first time during a Pre-College summer program sealed her decision to attend UArts for her undergraduate degree, where she received her BFA in Crafts with a concentration in Metals.

She obsesses over new materials and techniques and is always striving to bring the highest level of craftsmanship to her jewelry. She reinterprets structures, textures and colors from nature and uses them to overtake the human form itself, allowing nature to reclaim us. Her pieces become talismans used to reconnect to the present and the world around us, providing a center and reminding us of our place in the world.

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