Optional Materials

Letters of Recommendation

The candid and thoughtful insights of people who know you well—your creativity, dedication, work habits, challenges and successes—are always welcome.  Though not required, please feel free to submit letters of recommendation from any of your teachers, employers or mentors that you feel would help inform our review process.

Standardized Test Scores

SAT I, SAT II, and ACT test scores are optional, though you are welcome to submit them. If you do submit scores, please have them sent directly to the university.  

  • The SAT code for UArts is 2664
  • The ACT code for UArts is 3664.

UArts will not consider scores that are self-reported. 


Applicants who would like to provide an overview of their creative, extra-curricular, and/or work experiences are welcome to submit a résumé as part of their application.

Applicants to all programs in the School of Theater and to the Music Business, Entrepreneurship & Technology (MBET) program are required to bring a résumé to their audition or interview. 

Materials should be sent to:

The University of the Arts

Office of Admissions

320 S. Broad Street

Philadelphia, PA 19102