In the study of Wood/Furniture at UArts, you'll gain a mastery of tools, methods and materials to create meaningful, unique pieces—and have many opportunities to display your work in studio, on campus and in the neighborhood. 

You'll have broad exposure to design theory and woodworking techniques, while working with hand and power tools, using chisels, hammers, gouges and hand planes.


You'll have many opportunities to exhibit your work, both at UArts and at major exhibitions such as the Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show and the Philadelphia Furniture Show.

Andrew Stapleton "Vessel"
Joong Han Bae "Chair"
Work by Addie Metivier
Addie Metivier
Will McDonald

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    Don Miller Headshot
    Don Miller

    Wood / Furniture
    Wood worker, sculpture and furniture maker
    Keunho Peter Park Headshot
    Keunho Peter Park

    Wood / Furniture
    Emerging Art Award, Wharton Esherick Award

    Sample Courses in the Craft + Material Studies Major with a concentration in Wood and Furniture

    First Year
    Drawing: Objects & Space
    Drawing: Natural Forms & The Human Figure
    Found & Fabricated

    Second Year
    Sophomore Projects
    Computers for Object Makers
    Woodworking Exploration Projects
    Woodworking Exploration Studio
    Furniture Design

    Third Year
    Junior Projects/Discourse
    Wood/Furniture Junior Studio I
    Wood/Furniture Junior Studio II
    Wood/Furniture Junior Projects

    Fourth Year
    Wood/Furniture Senior Thesis I
    Wood/Furniture Senior Thesis II
    Wood/Furniture Senior Studio
    Craft Senior Projects


    About the Curriculum

    At the heart of the curriculum of the Craft + Material Studies Major with a concentration in Wood and Furniture is the notion of thinking through making.  Wood and Furniture students are passionate about working with their hands and about discussing the ideas and concepts underlying their art. Wood and Furniture students learn to express themselves through material and process. A student who pursues Craft and Material Studies will work closely with an advisor to determine the curricular path that best matches their artistic goals.  

    Students who complete the Craft + Material Studies Major with a concentration in Wood and Furniture will:

    • Demonstrate independent, creative problem solving and original thinking. They exhibit a distinct and personal approach to art making.
    • Demonstrate knowledge of contemporary issues and historical precedents. They have an appreciation for experimentation/innovation as well as for the traditions of making as applied to contemporary craft practice.
    • Acquire and demonstrate the professional skills needed to be successful as artists, entrepreneurs, designers for industry and productive citizens.
    • Be able to talk and write about art (including their own work) critically, intelligently and with considerable insight.
    • Acquire the level of technical skill required for them to reach their career goals. They establish a work practice appropriate to their ideas and demonstrate a deep familiarity with materials and processes.

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    Having experienced all aspects of making, from initial design to the final finished piece, Craft graduates are flexible and well-prepared to become independent studio artists, or to find positions in related fields in design, business and industry, or go on to pursue advanced degrees. Click the image below to read more.

    Colin Pezzano Headshot
    Colin Pezzano

    BFA '14

    Wood / Furniture
    Senior winner of 15k national fellowship award
    UArts Hosts Premier Craft Symposium
    UArts is pleased to be hosting CraftNOW's annual symposium, Making a Difference, on November 2. Students and faculty will benefit from panels and discussions with some of the biggest names in craft. Roberto Lugo will be the keynote speaker presenting Pottery Saved My Life.

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