Fine Arts (BFA)

In University of the Arts’ Bachelor of Fine Arts degree program in Fine Arts, your personal vision and artistic innovation anchor the development of your work. You’ll be exposed to a wide range of historical and contemporary art and encouraged to choose techniques, processes and formats that are necessary for your artistic vision. You’ll develop a personal studio practice based on conceptual interests, expanding your technical skills, and integrating cultural and historical context into your perspective.

The Fine Arts curriculum is based on a framework of research, studio experimentation, artistic invention and daily practice. You’ll be prepared to produce significant cultural contributions and dialogue, exhibit art in galleries and museums, and create work for diverse communities and public spaces. You’ll complete assignments that will develop your conceptual skills, so you can master the processes and techniques you need to achieve your artistic vision.

As a student in the Fine Arts program, you can choose an emphasis in Painting, Expanded Drawing and Print Media or Sculpture. Each of these emphases has five required classes. Using elective classes, you can choose a broad field of study or acquire deep knowledge in your chosen discipline. Generally, you’ll take one class in your emphasis and one interdisciplinary class each semester. 

Critical thinking and visual analysis is combined with research into culturally important areas outside of the arts, such as, philosophy, psychology, history, sociology and science. Upon graduation, you’ll be prepared to add something of value to the human experience and make a mark on history.

Your senior thesis project/exhibition prepares you for successful entry into graduate-level programs or a variety of professional careers, as well as preparing you to be competitive in gaining other forms of support such as grants, residencies and gallery exhibitions.

About the Curriculum

After completing the Fine Arts program, students will be able to 

  • demonstrate independent, creative problem solving and original thinking through the development of a distinct and personal approach to art-making informed by contemporary issues and historical precedents.

  • demonstrate critical and conceptual development through research and analysis, applying readings, theories and methodologies to the production of critically informed artworks.

  • acquire and demonstrate the professional skills needed to be successful as practicing artists, entrepreneurs and productive citizens, including study at the graduate level.

  • effectively communicate, orally and in writing, the thoughts behind their choices and decisions concerning content and strategies.

  • demonstrate proficiency in a number of advanced techniques in their individual studio practice, including a deep familiarity with materials and processes.

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Expanded Drawing & Print Media

Drawing and print media provide versatile strategies for experimentation in mark, space and idea. In the University of the Arts’ Expanded Drawing & Print Media program, you will develop a studio practice that pushes the boundaries of traditional classifications and broadens your ways of seeing, making a mark and creating experiences.

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With a Painting emphasis in the Bachelor of Fine Arts Program, you’ll build strong painting skills with hands-on studio time. You will also develop problem-solving and decision-making skills for all artistic disciplines in a classroom setting.

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UArts' Sculpture program is a concentration in our Bachelor of Fine Arts program, so while you'll be immersed in study in the study of sculpture, you'll also have the opportunity to study multiple disciplines and collaborate with students in other programs.

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Rebecca Sack headshot
Rebecca Sack

Painting (BFA in Fine Arts)
Fine Arts program director and Painting emphasis coordinator
A headshot of Laura Frazure
Laura Frazure

Sculpture (BFA in Fine Arts)
Sculpture emphasis coordinator
A headshot of Expanded Drawing & Print Media faculty, Lori Spencer
Lori Spencer

Expanded Drawing & Print Media (BFA in Fine Arts)
Expanded Drawing & Print Media emphasis coordinator

How to Apply

Admissions Deadline: There is no set deadline. UArts operates on a rolling admissions basis, which means we will receive and process applications throughout the year as space remains available in each program. 

The following materials are required for your application. 

  • A completed application for admission
  • A nonrefundable $60 application fee
  • Official transcripts 
    • Official transcripts from the high school(s) you have attended are required. For transfer students, transcripts from each college you have attended are required. They must be mailed directly by your school in a sealed envelope to the Office of Admissions, emailed directly from your school, or sent through a secure electronic transcript delivery service. Transcripts sent or emailed by students are not considered official. They should be sent to the Office of Admissions, University of the Arts, 320 S. Broad St., Philadelphia, PA 19102 or via email to
    • For transcripts from outside the U.S., refer to the instructions for international students.
  • A personal statement 
    • Your individual voice and personal insights play an equally important and valued role in an admissions review. Your personal statement allows you to share your story, express yourself and place a spotlight on your creative journey—past, present or future. It helps us get to know you and your dreams, ideas, challenges, opportunities and/or goals in a way your transcripts and other application materials can’t. 
    • Here are some questions to help you shape your personal statement. Interpret them as you wish. There are no right or wrong answers—there’s only your story.
      1. When and how did you realize you wanted to be an artist?
      2. How will University of the Arts help you achieve your creative and professional goals?
      3. How do you want your creativity to affect the future?
    • There is no word count requirement, but we recommend you share your story in 250 to 500 words. Upload your personal statement with your application for admission or email it to
  • Your portfolio 
    • All students applying to visual arts programs—those in the schools of Art, Film and Design—are required to submit 15–20 examples of original artwork. You may choose to include work from a variety of media or select one area of focus you want to highlight. Your portfolio should demonstrate your creativity, showcase your skills, represent the art forms you have studied and highlight your ability to communicate ideas. Get more tips about submitting your portfolio
  • International applicants must submit proof of English proficiency
  • Optional Materials 

For more information, visit our first-year application checklist and transfer checklist

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Scholarships & Financial Aid

UArts recognizes the extraordinary talent of our students through a range of merit-based scholarships. All applicants are automatically considered for such scholarships—no special application is necessary.

Nearly 98 percent of UArts’ undergraduate students enrolled on a full-time basis are eligible for some type of need-based aid. Additionally, some scholarship opportunities take need-based criteria into account. All students who are U.S. citizens or eligible non-citizens and are enrolled in a degree program are encouraged to apply by completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

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