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Summer Institute Student Life & Housing

Spend your summer in the coolest city in the U.S.

Anchored on the vibrant Avenue of the Arts, our campus is located in the cultural district of Center City—the heart of downtown Philadelphia. During your summer at UArts, you'll immerse yourself in creating and growing artistically. But creativity doesn’t stop when classes end. Between impromptu jam sessions and open studios, you'll find yourself creating something new with a classmate from across the country or exploring one of the world-class museums, theaters or concert halls—all within a short walk from campus—with teachers and friends.

Residence Halls

Residence Halls & Community Advisors

The apartment-style residence halls come with private bathrooms and air conditioning in each unit. Bedrooms are equipped with a bed, dresser and desk for each student. Summer Institute students will reside in either Juniper Hall or Furness Hall. Both residence halls feature shared bedrooms for two to four students, with a common area and kitchen.

Each residence hall has laundry facilities on every floor. 

All residence halls are supervised by professional UArts staff, including community advisors (CAs) and hall directors. Students will become well acquainted with their CA, who will provide guidance about the city, the school, or life in general. A public safety officer is stationed in the residence halls 24 hours per day, and students use their UArts photo ID to gain access. No guests are permitted in the residence halls. 

Apartment & Roommate Assignment

Students complete a housing application which includes questions about lifestyle, interests and roommate preferences. Student responses to these questions are used when making housing assignments. You will be given your room number and roommate information at move-in. 

The university does not share roommate information prior to move-in due to student privacy. Every effort is made to accommodate mutual requests for students to reside together. In such cases, each student's name must appear on the other student’s housing application, and students must be admitted to programs of the same duration.

Students and a parent/guardian should plan to make their own transportation arrangements to and from campus. Residential move-in is Sunday, July 9, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Housing cannot be provided before this date. Early arrivals are not encouraged. Final checkout from the residence halls will take place Friday, July 28, between 12 p.m. and 6 p.m. For planning purposes, students should expect to leave campus by 6 p.m. on the last day of their program.

Safety & Supervision


There are a number of trained undergraduate students and professional staff members who reside in the residence halls and supervise students in the Pre-College Summer Institute. All residential staff report to the Director of Residence Life, who is actively engaged in the welfare of Pre-College Summer Institute students.

Students are in classes Monday–Friday with evening workshops, open studios and activities each evening and optional off-campus field trips on Saturdays. Free time is provided for lunch, between classes, before curfew and on weekends (primarily on Sundays). 

24-hour emergency maintenance, public safety and professional staff are available to address students' needs.

Residential and Academic Building Security 

Each UArts residence hall is staffed with a security officer 24-hours per day to ensure the safety and welfare of Pre-College students. Only Pre-College students who live in a residence hall are permitted to enter the residence hall. Pre-College students must wear UArts issued ID cards. No guests are permitted in the residence halls at any time, with the exception of a parent/guardian on move-in and move-out days. Academic buildings are staffed with security officers during building hours, and only those with a UArts ID’s are permitted inside the buildings.  

Residential Curfew & Nightly Check-In

For safety purposes, all students are required to observe a weekday and weekend residential curfew and check-in. Curfew check-in is at 10 p.m. and lights out is at 12 a.m. Students who miss check-in are in violation of the Student Code of Conduct and may be dismissed. 

Housing Orientation

A virtual Parent/Guardian Housing Orientation will be held prior to move-in for parents/guardians. This Orientation will address issues of safety, security and student life, as well as academic issues.

All residential students attend a mandatory Housing Orientation on the evening of move-in. Orientation is  designed to provide students with information regarding campus resources, rules and regulations pertaining to residential life, as well as personal safety on and around the university campus.

Students enjoy fresh, made-from-scratch food and menus that focus on seasonal items and provide continuous selections that change throughout the day. We’re here to help you eat healthy your way.

Food (Meal) Plans 

In order to foster a spirit of community, all residential students participate in a meal plan. 

  • All UArts meal plans ensure access to three meals on Mondays through Fridays and two meals (brunch and dinner) on Saturdays and Sundays.

  • Summer Institute meal plans are not transferable to other outlets or facilities on or off campus.

  • Summer Institute meal plans include $185 per week in Dining Dollars. Summer Institute meal plans are not transferable to other outlets or facilities on or off campus.

  • Dining Services provides meal options to accommodate dietary allergies and sensitivities of all kinds. Dietary needs are collected from enrolling students prior to the beginning of the program.

  • In addition to the meal plan, students can enjoy take-out or dining from one of the many restaurants Philadelphia has to offer.

Health Services

UArts is dedicated to keeping all Pre-College students safe and healthy. Health Services are administered by a certified nurse on campus, at no extra cost to the student. Counseling services are also available to students who need or want assistance. Students who need emergency care are taken to Jefferson Hospital, located just a few blocks from campus, at the student’s expense.

All students are required to submit health forms, insurance information, and immunization reports before arriving on campus. The Director of Health Services will review all medical information before the start of the summer program to ensure that all student needs can be met.

Pre-College Vaccination Policy

In support of UArts’ commitment to health and safety for all members of its community, the university has updated its immunization requirements for students to include a COVID-19 vaccine and booster, and also requires all faculty and staff to receive a COVID-19 vaccine and booster.

Enrolling students must provide details regarding their vaccination status prior to enrolling. Detailed directions will be shared with accepted students.

We encourage all to visit to help you find clinics, pharmacies and other locations that offer COVID-19 vaccines in the United States. Learn more about the university’s COVID-19 vaccination policy, which includes FAQs.

Campus Facilities


Our facilities are a mix of historic and contemporary buildings which have been redesigned and updated to meet the needs of artists and performers. All academic buildings are located along the Avenue of the Arts. Each campus classroom, studio, lab, performance space, and gallery is air-conditioned.

UArts’ extensive on-campus library includes a collection of books, magazines, films, slides, music and more. Philadelphia’s Free Library is also a wonderful resource and is located just a few blocks away from campus.

Student Lounges

Student lounges provide areas for students to relax and socialize with other students. There are lounges located throughout campus and in the Residence Halls. The Pre-College Summer lounge includes couches and chairs, flat-screen TVs, game consoles, movies and board games.


Residential students are permitted to leave campus outside of their required classes and activities but must be in their assigned room by curfew, and they may not leave campus until the following morning. Optional activities for residential and commuter students are provided in the evenings and on weekends. A parent or guardian must submit a request, in writing, for any period when a student will need to be away from campus after curfew or overnight, and these requests must be approved by the Pre-College office. Details about requesting late and overnight dismissal will be shared with all enrolling students.

Learn about Philadelphia, activities close to campus and more.

Summer Institute 2023 Packing List

The following items are included in your room.

  • three-drawer dresser

  • air conditioning 

  • extra-long, twin-size bed

  • closet storage

  • drafting desk

  • desk chair

  • microwave and fridge unit

  • kitchen storage

What to Bring      

If you forget something or do not want to travel with items, there are many stores nearby to pick up any basics that you may need.


  • sheets for an extra-long twin bed

  • blanket/bedspread 

  • pillow(s) 

  • clamp light or small lamp (optional)


  • personal toiletries 

  • towel(s) 

  • toilet paper (single-ply only)

  • bath mat or an extra towel


  • face covering/masks

  • hand sanitizer

  • hand soap

  • at-home COVID tests

  • medicine and first-aid supplies


  • cleaning wipes or other disinfecting products

  • dish soap/sponge

  • laundry basket or bag (optional)

  • laundry detergent 

Kitchen (optional)

  • disposable plates, cups, utensils and paper towels

  • small trash can and trash bag(s) 

Miscellaneous (optional)

  • hangers 

  • power strip with surge protectors 

  • safe or lockbox for valuables 

  • umbrella 

  • small trash can and trash bag(s) 

What Not to Bring

Certain items are prohibited in the residence halls, because they violate university policy or fire codes.

  • air conditioners (provided)

  • candles, incense or wax burners 

  • electric blankets

  • extension cords

  • fireworks

  • halogen lamps

  • microwaves (provided)

  • pets or animals

  • refrigerators or freezers (provided)

  • tattoo equipment

  • plug-in string lights, rope lights or holiday lights (battery or solar-powered lights are allowed)

  • weapons


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