Who We Are
The Corzo Center for the Creative Economy at the University of the Arts links art, innovation and business.

We formed it to keep art where it belongs — at the center of a society and economy that requires ideas and imagination.

We believe that artists and media makers need to know the value of what they create and for that reason, we have shaped our programs to give the tools they will need to control their economic lives.

What We Do
The Corzo Center serves as an umbrella for many University-developed initiatives:

  • Our Creative Incubator supports arts and media-based entrepreneurial ventures.
  • Our partnerships — across the region and across disciplines — encourage the creation of communities and collaborations.
  • Our workshops, short courses and lectures equip artists with the economic savvy needed in everyday business applications.
  • Our panel of advisors connects students and faculty to lawyers, entrepreneurs, accountants, marketers and business leaders.
  • Our Entrepreneur Club encourages students to develop their own programs and create their own social and professional networks.

Collaborations & Sponsorships
The Corzo Center has established a number of partnerships and collaborations, and has co-sponsored a variety of events and programs with groups throughout the region a list that keeps growing.

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