All University-sponsored events, public programs and galleries will be canceled, moved to remote  delivery and/or closed until further notice. At this time, no decision has been made about summer events. Any updates will be shared with the University community in the coming weeks.


If you are experiencing  personal hardships such as food insecurity, housing concerns, and family issues please contact us at

Accommodations for Students with Disabilities

Do my accommodations still apply in online courses?

Accommodations provided under federal laws still apply in an online learning environment. Looking at the design of your specific online courses and discussing them with you and your faculty, we will determine how your accommodations can be adapted and applied in a reasonable way. 

Can I still register for accommodations, even if I haven’t done so previously?

New or current students who would like to register for course accommodations can do so by completing an online Pre-intake Form and scheduling an intake appointment. Students and families can connect with an Office of Educational Accessibility (OEA) staff member via phone, email, Google Hangout or other online formats to discuss their pre-intake and accommodation needs.

Can I still make a check-in appointment to discuss academic success planning or my accommodation needs?

You can make an appointment by emailing or a staff member below or through OEA Appointment Booking


International Students

I am concerned about returning to the U.S. and visa regulations.

Contact Mara Flamm, director of International Student Programs at or 215-717-6621 with any questions you have about F-1 or J-1 visa issues.

I am leaving the U.S. How can I get the required annual signature on my I-20?

The I-20 signature (needed once per year, if you are leaving and re-entering the U.S.) is important for re-entry. Digital signatures are not possible. Contact Mara Flamm at or 215-717-6621 to discuss your options. 

If I return home and complete the semester remotely, what implications does that have for my F-1 visa?

Due to COVID-19, the regulation restricting online education for international students has been lifted, and students are permitted to complete the semester online. International students’ F-1 visas will remain valid and active whether they complete their semesters online in the U.S. or their home countries.

What should I do if I am having difficulty understanding assignments via an online format?

Whether you are at home or in Philadelphia, be vigilant about checking your email frequently. Read all assignments carefully. You may use translation apps for understanding assignments. Keep in mind that the University’s academic integrity policy applies to all coursework, even in online courses. Tutoring is available to assist you and can be requested by emailing

What if I am in China and cannot receive course materials through Google?

If you are in China, inform Mara Flamm at, and all your instructors. Confirm that you will be using WeChat for communicating, and email all of us directly from that account. If you will use a different format for email, such as qq, let us know, and email us from that account.

Advising & Tutoring

The Advising Center & Tutoring Program will be open online, Monday–Friday, 8 a.m.–5 p.m. Advising and tutoring appointments will be available by phone, Google Hangouts or Meet and Zoom.

Director: C. Blanca Gonzalez -
Administrator and Tutoring Coordinator:  Hanna Weckel -

Who is the academic advisor assigned to my school? 

School of Art: Michele Kishita:
School of Dance: C. Blanca Gonzalez: 
School of Design: Jordan Rockford:
School of Film: Tia Kemp:
School of Music: Rob George: 
School of Theater: Miriam White: 

How can I schedule an online or phone advising appointment?

Contact the Advising Center at or contact your Academic Advisor directly. 

Is tutoring available? What tutors are available?

Depending on the type of tutoring you need, you will be scheduled with an Academic Advisor or Peer Tutor. Peer tutors can provide discipline-specific tutoring in all areas, as well as general guidance with the online learning tools. Contact us at

Can I schedule weekly tutoring as well one-time tutoring appointments? 

Recurring, weekly appointments as well as one-time and drop-in tutoring will be available.

What’s happening with advising for Fall 2020?

The Advising Period begins March 30, and you will receive Registration information to your UArts email.  Registration will open April 20. Academic advisors will contact their advisees about planning their schedules and making appointments during advising.

Career Services 

How are you conducting appointments for resume reviews, job search assistance, etc.?

We are able to offer virtual appointments via webchat (Google Hangouts/Meet or Zoom) or a phone call. To schedule a virtual appointment, visit

What happened to the annual OppFest career fair?

Although the event was canceled, you may view the list of all employers who were planning to attend at, which includes links to their websites. In addition, you can log into your UArtsCareers account at and search the active postings to see the opportunities these employers offer. You can easily find them by looking for the term “OppFest” included in the position titles.

How will I be able to finish my current spring semester internship credits? 

Students who are currently enrolled in internships have the following options: 

  1. If you have already met the minimum number of hours required for your enrolled credits (30 hours per credit), track your hours, upload your documentation, and submit your evaluation forms within UArtsCareers. Your faculty internship coordinator will submit your grade at the end of the semester.
  2. If you haven’t yet met the minimum number of hours required for your enrolled credits, find out if you are able to complete your internship remotely, following the guidelines for remote internships that were sent to you.  Please contact us if you have questions.
  1. If you are unable to complete your internship remotely, you have the following options:

    You can do an additional assignment that is significant in nature to substitute for your remaining hours. You must also continue to track your hours, upload documentation and complete the end-of-internship evaluation forms. Please contact your faculty internship coordinator and Career Services for more information


    You can request an Incomplete grade to have additional time to return to your internship or find a new internship after the COVID-19 pandemic has subsided.


    You can request a course withdrawal from the Internship credits and complete an internship in another semester.  Please contact us so that we can assist you.

I’m interested in doing an internship this summer or upcoming fall semester. What is the process I need to follow to find an internship and register to earn credit?

View the virtual Internship Program Information slideshow. If you still have questions, contact or schedule a virtual appointment at

Note that because UArts will continue educating remotely throughout the summer to help our community stay safe and healthy, students with internships must follow whatever restrictions or mandates are in place for the geographic location of their specific internship. There might be some internships that can take place in person/onsite, but in other locations, such opportunities must remain remote until restrictions are lifted. If restrictions are adapted or lifted in geographic regions where students are interning remotely, interns in those areas might be able to turn remote internships into in-person experiences. We urge all students to stay up-to-date on their area’s stay-at-home mandate to determine how they can proceed with their internship. 

I applied for the Summer Fellows Program. Is it still happening?

Unfortunately, we will not be running the Summer Fellows program this year. We encourage all qualifying applicants to reapply next year.

Are there other online career-related resources available to me?

In addition to, check out our extensive list of Online Career Resources. We are also happy to help identify resources related to your specific questions or interests. Feel free to send us an email or schedule a virtual appointment.