Your scholarship will ensure that the most deserving students have a chance to learn.
In recent years, the University of the Arts has seen unprecedented growth in its enrollment, its academic programs and its reputation as being among the nation's finest educational institutions. In order to continue strengthening our academic programs, the University welcomes the best and brightest students from all over the world. For many of these students, an education in the arts would not be possible without considerable financial support. With enrollment increases in recent years, the University strives to secure funding for our students through the creation of new scholarships and the support of existing ones. It is through scholarships that students from financially disadvantaged backgrounds are given the chance to develop as artists and gain a superior education. Without our scholarship donors, many of our finest moments and most exquisite works would never happen.

For these reasons and more, we value our donors' generosity and appreciate their help in growing scholarship funds for our finest and neediest students. Scholarship gifts provide not only a meaningful source of financial support, but also encouragement for the artistic, academic and personal growth of creative individuals.

Your scholarship can serve as a perpetual honorarium or memorial.
Scholarships can be established in honor or in memory of a family member, friend, co-worker, student, faculty member or mentor. Additionally, many local companies and organizations create scholarships to help increase their philanthropic presence in the art and educational community. It may be noted that scholarships can also be established in recognition of a department, program or initiative at the University.

Your scholarship can be a bridge between you and the young artist(s) it benefits.
The University of the Arts takes pride in its tradition of academic scholarship and the exceptional creativity of its student community. Through personal invitations to campus for student performances, gallery exhibits and annual scholarship events, donors get to know their scholarship recipients and see first-hand the impact that their generosity has on students' achievements. Additionally, benefactors will receive annual reports on their award, a financial statement and biographic information about their student(s). The University encourages its donors to follow their students' progress as they matriculate through their studies, creating friendships and mentorships that can last a lifetime.

Your scholarship gifts can provide immediate tax benefits.
An outright gift in the form of cash or appreciated securities will allow you to receive immediate tax benefits in the year you make your scholarship gift to the University. In the case of appreciated securities, you may also avoid capital gains taxes. You can also provide for your scholarship in your estate plans. Estate gifts are an easy way to establish a scholarship without affecting your current income or assets. Please visit our planned giving page for additional information on charitable gift planning.

Your scholarship will support the University of the Arts.
Scholarships are a crucial part of the University's future. Establishing a scholarship does not just support our students, but also the University itself. As a growing and evolving institution, we need to maintain an extremely selective admissions process. Having the highest caliber artists attend UArts ensures an atmosphere conducive to learning experiences of the richest quality. Scholarships that support students with distinctive artistic promise, but who may not otherwise be able to attend due to financial circumstances, enables us to attract and retain the best artists.