The Sculpture Gallery, located in Hamilton Hall, is one of three galleries curated by the Fine Arts program.

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The Sculpture Gallery focuses on three-dimensional and installation-based work with exhibitions from students, alumni and faculty as well as from visiting artists.

Hamilton Hall
320 South Broad Street
Lower level
Philadelphia, PA 19102


Still- Installation by Halle Ballard 2018

Scheduled for Spring 2019


The Sculpture Gallery will be used as a space to showcase the work from students in Mara Scrupe’s Installation class. On a rotating basis each student will make a work that envelopes the viewer in an immersive site-specific artwork that deals directly with the unique conditions and proportions of the sculpture gallery. Located in the lower level of Hamilton Hall.

Exhibitions will change on a weekly basis from February 6th through April 10th.

April 22nd to April 27th  - BFA Thesis Exhibition.

The culmination of four years of study. This exhibition will feature the work of two to three fine art students from painting, printmaking and sculpture.
Reception- Friday April 26th 5:00 to 7:00.

Tuesday May 7th to Friday May 10th – Final Critique- work by sophomore and junior sculpture students