Quartz online: "You can now get a PhD in creativity"

To adapt to the needs of future workers, some colleges are moving their courses online; others are doubling down on artificial intelligence. The latest school to offer a nontraditional approach to higher education is the University of the Arts, a visual and performing arts school in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, which has just set up a new PhD program not in an specific discipline—but in the overarching idea of creativity.

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Knowledge@Wharton: "Want to Nurture Creativity? First, Get the Culture Right"

Is creativity inborn or can it be taught? David Yager, CEO of the University of the Arts (UArts) in Philadelphia, believes it can be taught. It’s one of his main areas of focus at the institution. Yager is working on building a Ph.D. program on creativity that can attract people from diverse backgrounds such as science, art, engineering and business. “We are looking at creativity across different disciplines … [and] trying to understand the drivers for creative people,” he says. In a conversation with Knowledge@Wharton, Yager spoke recently with Jerry Wind, an emeritus professor of marketing at Wharton and Grace Cho, CEO of Orangenius, a firm that helps artists develop business skills, about how an organization’s culture plays a significant role in teaching, identifying and nurturing creativity; his attempts to change the culture at the 141-year-old UArts; and why it is important that creativity and business acumen go hand in hand. This interview is part of a series produced in collaboration with Orangenius.

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Brooklyn Rail: "Visionary Creative Interchange—An Unusual Collaboration"

"Regardless of the field, how often are new ideas dismissed under the premise that 'we’ve always done it this way?' We may be up against the misconception that innovative or non-traditional approaches will be cumbersome, misaligned, and impersonal. My work set out to prove the exact opposite."

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David Yager - Presidential Inauguration Address

President David Yager, Inauguration Speech — “Imagine” October 17, 2016, Merriam Theater

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