A Holiday Message to the UArts Community

Dear students, faculty and staff,

As our winter break and the holidays approach, I'd like to take a moment to exhale and reflect on the success of our fall term and our return to in-person learning.

To say the past two years have been overwhelming and rife with uncertainty would be a gross understatement, but the continued resilience and fortitude you demonstrated were instrumental in our successful navigation of one of the most challenging periods in our long history. For your seemingly boundless courage and patience and for all we have accomplished together, I express my deepest gratitude and admiration.

There is much to celebrate and be thankful for at the closing of 2021: from our joyous return to campus and, with it, the radiant enthusiasm of our students, to the faculty and staff who embodied grace and poise in the face of yet another colossal transition. The combined efforts of this extraordinary community of artists have been nothing short of remarkable, and I remain inspired by your tireless commitment to keeping one another safe and healthy this fall and beyond.

That the coming year will bring some measure of uncertainty is all but assured. Still, I know that our vibrant university community will continue to rise and face any and all challenges 2022 presents. The values that we embrace collectively and that draw us to UArts will empower us as we seek to shape our ever-evolving world with empathy and compassion.

Typically, our December calendars would be marked with ample opportunities to gather in campus spaces to celebrate the end of yet another semester and year through good cheer, food and our common language of art. While a return to what is normal and traditional may still feel quite far away, I assure you that those days are truly on the horizon. I, too, yearn for the return of these essential celebratory moments.

As we step away for winter break, I encourage you to relax and safely reconnect with family and friends. It is my hope that you will find time to celebrate with those you love and those who love you, too. For many, it's been far too long.

However you celebrate the holiday season, I wish you comfort, joy and continued good health. Please continue to take good care of yourselves and one another.

I look forward to welcoming you back to campus in the new year.