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Campus Security Services

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Building Checks
Our Public Safety officers conduct checks of all University buildings and the surrounding campus. We utilize a roving supervisor on each shift to patrol the campus area.

Public Safety officers are backed up by on-site supervisors who patrol the campus regularly. All emergency calls are forwarded to the on-duty Security Supervisor and the Inspector of Public Safety.

If you are trapped in an elevator on campus, please press the emergency call button located on the number panel in each elevator. If you have a cell phone, you can call the Public Safety Emergency Hotline at 215-717-6666. Your call will be answered and an officer or Operations staff member will respond to remove you from the elevator. Please remember to indicate to the Public Safety officer which building you are in, the specific elevator you are trapped in, and what floor you believe you are trapped on.

If at any time the officer is unable to remove you from the elevator, he or she will wait with you until emergency technicians are able to remove you from the location.

Please wait for Public Safety to respond to you.

Incident Reports
If you are involved in an incident, whether it be a theft, robbery, injury or other criminal or non-criminal event of significance on the University campus, please report the incident to a Public Safety officer immediately. We will complete a report and open a file on your case or complaint.

Please report all incidents as soon as possible so that appropriate action can be taken in a timely manner.

Drug & Alcohol Policy
Alcohol, drugs or drug paraphernalia are not permitted on the University campus. Any student, visitor or member of the University community found with such substances in his or her possession will be subject to disciplinary action, fines, removal from residential halls, and possible dismissal from the University.

Please note that in conjunction with special events held on the University campus, special authorization may be obtained to dispense and consume alcoholic beverages to those of legal age. These events must be sponsored by the Dean or Vice President responsible for a specific department, and the Inspector of Public Safety must be contacted directly to make arrangements.