The Imaging Labs are a service bureau as well as a learning facility.

Color Laser Printing is available in both text and heavy weight. We print on high quality Hammermill paper, which can be printed double-sided in letter, tabloid and super b sizes. Label and transparency are also available in 8.5"x11".

Large Format Inkjet Printing is on our Epson P800 and our Epson P8000. Paper sizes range from 13"x19" sheets to 42" rolls and paper selection covers all standard photographic papers as well as fine art papers and alternative media. Please note that these papers cannot be printed double sided.

Our Laser cutter can mark, engrave, and cut a variety of materials up to 18" x 32" and cut material up to 1/4" thick. The lab currently carries masonite and clear acrylic. You may also submit your own materials for laser cutting, but only after a test has been performed by our staff. Download our Laser Cutter Brochure to get pricing and tips on how to prep your files.

Come in to talk about any projects which you think may need specific attention, or come to simply submit a job for payment and pickup.

Accepted Forms of payment are eAccounts, budget transfers for departments, and or credit/debit cards. You can sign up for an eAccount anytime on the web.

Anderson Hall, 6th Floor
Room 616

Monday – Friday; 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Download our brochure for pricing and file preparation.