William McHale
Shop / Studio Supervisor
Adjunct Associate
MID, The University of the Arts
BA, Georgia Tech
BA, University of South Carolina

Will McHale teaches Design, Industrial Design, and Collaborative Studio at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, PA. He also manages the UArts Design Shop, which includes full prototyping capability with both traditional tools and newer CAD based systems (laser cutter, CNC, and 3d Printer).

Will's research and work focuses on a variety of quality of life themes including: methods of collaborative investigation and problem solving, better understanding critical resources and material streams, local design/craft/make relationships, lightness, and how we educate our culture's youth for positive change. He has worked with the PEW Foundation, Mural Arts, Neighborhood Bike Works, Greensgrow, the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia, the Philadelphia Water Department, the Ndabibi Environmental Conservation Center, and many others on topics related to the act of living a good life responsibly.

Will was a co-leader of Philly Works with Alexandra Schmidt-Ullrich and Andrew Dahlgren. Philly Works' mission was exploring and celebrating the local design/make culture and its relationship to a quality life in Philadelphia. Philly Works put together exhibits, installations, and organized public discussion and activity from 2009-2013.

Class Schedule, Spring 2015

T01:00PM - 06:50PMTechniques
M10:00AM - 02:20PMCollab: Water Project

Contact Info

Office: Terra Building 502
Tel: 215-717-6257
Fax: 215-717-6255