Rebecca Gilbert
Senior Lecturer
MFA, The University of the Arts

Drawing on symbolism collected from history, science, superstition, and literature, I work primarily as a printmaker to create layered woodcuts, translucent glue engravings, delicate print sculptures, and print installations. My work is characterized by a methodical technical approach to art-making, a deliberately sparing use of color, and a down-to-earth recognition of my own primal cravings.

I am interested in the parallels between the scientific process and the process of creating art - presenting ideas and processes as something to be explored through trial and error. I am interested in the beauty of experimentation, failure, and people's commitment to ideas and searching.

I make work about those moments when everything is just right and the bittersweet awareness that such moments are fleeting; about trying to divine the future; and about the pitfalls of trying to control one's fate rather than simply experiencing it.

I make work about desire and change; hope and disappointment; working hard and clinging fiercely to optimism. My work is about looking inside yourself at what you have, what you are, and what you want, and then looking back out and trying to see those same attributes and desires in the world. It's about living each day in pursuit of wholeness in spite of fear.


Class Schedule, Spring 2015

08:30AM - 11:20AM
01:00PM - 03:50PM
Book Arts: Concept & Structure

Contact Info

Office: Anderson Hall 8TH (FA)
Tel: 215-717-6495