Neil Kleinman
Director for Corzo Center for Creative Economy
PHD, University Of Connecticut
JD, University of Pennsylvania
MA, University Of Connecticut
BA, University of California Santa Barbara

Neil Kleinman is the director of the Corzo Center for the Creative Economy and a former professor of Multimedia and Communication at the University of the Arts, where until summer 2009, he served as dean of the College of Media & Communication and director of the Applied Research Labs. 

Previously, he served as dean of the College of Liberal Arts, director of the Institute for Publications Design, director of the doctoral program in Communications Design, and co-director of the School of Communication Design – all at the University of Baltimore.

Kleinman has taught in a number of discipline areas: law, literature, writing, technology, graphic and industrial design, the digital economy and marketing, as well as on the influence of technologies on society. He's been a book, magazine and newspaper editor for several national and regional publications. He is a member of the boards of the Philadelphia Start-Up Leaders and Broad Street Review, and serves on several advisory committees concerned with issues of media, literacy and entrepreneurship. 

Kleinman has a JD from the University of Pennsylvania and a PhD in English from the University of Connecticut. 


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Recent Articles

  • "How COOL It Was: The Usurious Artisan and Medieval Economy," The Legacy of Reviews, and McLuhan [Chapter in Book.] Ed. L. Strate & E. Wachtel.  Hampton Press: Cresskill, N.J. 2005. 177-293. 
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  • University of Maryland Regents' Award for Excellence in Teaching
  • The University of Baltimore’s Gordon College’s Distinguished Chair for Teaching
  • The Distinguished Program Award from the Maryland Association for Higher Education;
  • Hoffberger Fellowship in Ethics;an American Council of Education Fellowship
  • Member the Humanities Group at the Center for Advanced Study, the University of Illinois 
  • "Technology Revolutionary" by The Daily Record (Baltimore)
  • "Teaching Resource" at the University of Illinois (Whole Earth Catalog).

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Tel: 215-717-6590
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