Nancy Davenport
PHD, University of Pennsylvania
MA, Bryn Mawr College
BA, Bryn Mawr College

Writer: "Reinventing Christianity Nineteenth-Century Contexts"; "19th Century French Studies"; "Religion and the Arts." Publications: Fortress Catholicism: the Art of Ultramontainism at Notre Dame de Fourviere; The Revival of Fra Angelico and Matthias Grunewald in Nineteenth-Century French Religious Art; Between Carnival and Dream: St. Anthony, Gustave Flaubert, and the Arts in fin de Siecle Europe.

Class Schedule, Fall 2017

W01:00PM - 03:50PMChartres Cathedral
TH04:00PM - 06:50PMOrientalism: 19th Century
T,F11:30AM - 12:50PMRevolutionary and Evo Themes

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