Larry Donahue
Adjunct Professor
MA, The University of the Arts
BFA, Philadelphia College of Art

Artist Statement
"Hello Hello, I woke up this morning and I got myself a CAPPUCCINO."
These past few years has been a re-invention of my PORCELAIN SLIP CAST VESSEL MAKING.
Inspiration from Marine Life Studies, an a recent trip to Italy, has led to an explosion of ORGANIC & FORMULATED / Plaster, Paper & Foam models, molds and castings.
"This is the strangest life I have ever known, & it's the Best of the Best, East & West, THE END."
The Philly Airport show was a tribute to a dear friend, GEORGE ROSELLI.

"Art & Design/Expo Sale" at the University of the Arts
"Mentors/Past and Present" at the University of the Arts/NCECA Show

Venture Fund Grant, University of the Arts
Faculty show at the University of the Arts 
Expo/Sale Art Sale at the University of the Arts

2002 Venture Fund Grant, the University of the Arts,
Sculpting the Human Figure and Molding and Casting / Professional Institute for Educators, Philadelphia.
Michael Rossman and Larry Donahue at the University of the Arts;
"Sydney Australia Teapot Show 2003," Porcelain Teapot 15"x 10" Red Celadon;
OFF THE WALL. American Craft Museum, New York. Auction: "The Possibilities with Liz Taylor." 1996

Fulper, Amphora Vase and Tulip Vase molds for stoneware slipcasting production. All vases were to be glazed with a crystal green glaze developed by the Fulper Pottery, circa 1900. Along with the models and molds, cast 150 stoneware Tulip Vases and bisquing. All vases to be sold through Martha Stewart Living magazine.

Soup Tureens: 1993. Helen Drutt Gallery  /  Phila., Pa.( Lincoln 24" di potato soup ceramic charger) "the man from Illinois"
Alumni Show / The University of the Arts, Phila., Pa. "Camille's Amazing Tap Dance, 24" ceramic charger. 1993.

Mold Maker/Ceramist, Moravian Pottery and Tile Works, Doylestown, Pa.


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Class Schedule, Fall 2015

T,F01:00PM - 03:50PMObject/Environment
T,F08:30AM - 11:20AMObject/Environment

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