Jeffrey Scott Mathews
MFA, Cranbrook Academy of Art
BFA, College for Creative Studies

Jeffrey Scott Mathews has a background in painting, sound and photography. His work is primarily concerned with fusing the improvisational gesture with preordained systems. The work takes on the form of painting while also existing as a recording. Working with both heavy metals and textiles, his work evokes the tactility and precariousness of post-minimal process and material-based painting, while exploring the harmony between chaos and order.

Mathews has recently exhibited with HEX at Sadie Halie Projects, Brooklyn; “Simultaneity” at Blackston Gallery, N.Y.; “Heavy Metal Sunburn” at Jolie Laide Gallery in Philadelphia; “Improbable Self: Notes from the Void” at St. Cecilia's Convent, Brooklyn; and in “Grid List,” a traveling exhibit between Detroit and New York.

Critic and writer Lane Relyea recently featured his work in an essay titled “D.I.Y. Abstraction” as well as a discussion titled "Luminous Currents: Homo Sapiens Technologica & the Return of Post-Painterly Abstraction," hosted at the 2012 College Art Association Conference in Los Angeles. In the fall of 2011, he co-curated the show “The Death of Affect” at Joshua Abelow's Artblog Artblog with Fran Holstrom.

Mathews received his MFA from Cranbrook in 2007 and currently lives, works, writes and composes music in Brooklyn.

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