Gerald Nichols
Emeritus Faculty
GD, The Cleveland Institute of Art
MFA, University of Pennsylvania

Biographical Statement:
I had always wanted to live in the Farnsworth House,
but I didn’t wish to live in Illinois.
I have always lived in the woods or in woodlots (or near Fairmont Park),
except for the 17 years when I lived in Manhattan.
The first pure landscapes in Western Art were planted
by Albrecht Altdorfer, according to Christopher Wood.
In 1970, I briefly considered escaping to Wisconsin.
My house is circular in plan, made of wood stained a
deep brown iron hue, much favored by young architects.
Landscape sensibility was also significantly formed
while living in West Philadelphia for 30 years.
My grandmother prized her apple trees planted by John Chapman.
I was born in Northern Ohio.

A Showing:
Someone asks you to show
you agree and a future date is set
you have been using bowling balls
in earlier work and acquaintances
wonder when you will stop using them
you decide to use twenty-three
in a forthcoming show
Wm. Blake’s “I want, I want” etching is the
departure point for a plywood, bowling ball, coffee can
a forty-five degree incline is fashioned for the
balls to ascend.
(some balls are engraved with the names of
their prior bowler-owners.)
Otto, J.J., Roy, Dante, Eric, Dee, etc.
Illumination is considered, it all comes together
Browsing Art in America, I see Martin Puryear’s
“I want, I want” climbing a wall at MOMA.

Solo Exhibitions:
York College of Art, NYC; Design Arts Gallery; Drexel University, Philadelphia; Jersey City Museum, N.J.; Tamayo Museum, Mexico City; P.S.I, N.Y. Group Exhibitions: Locks Gallery, Philadelphia; Philadelphia Art Alliance; Highwire Gallery, Philadelphia.; Arcadia College, Glenside, Pa.; Awards: Post Graduate Fellow, University of Pennsylvania; John Simon Guggenheim Fellowship, Painting; Clocktower Awards, NYC; Artpark Project Artist, Lewiston, N.Y.; Carnegie Mellon Foundation. Collections: Cleveland Museum of Art, Ohio; Philadelphia Museum of Art; Old Pine Community Center, Philadelphia; Bankers Trust, N.Y.; Jersey City, N.J.

Always Thinking of You: Paintings and Recent Constructions
Cleveland Museum of Art


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