Chris Garvin
Interim Program Director
MFA, Ohio State University
BFA, Suny Buffalo

Chris Garvin maintains an active role as an interactive designer and creative director with his firm Educated Guess Work.

A selected list of former clients includes Vogue, Talk Magazine, Infiniti, the Museum of Modern Art, AT&T, Showtime, Klip, Motorola, National Geographic, Syracuse University and the American Lung Association.

Professor Garvin has spoken nationally on art, design and education and will present at the International Conference on Design Principles & Practices in 2011 in Rome, Italy, on the complexity of contemporary design and business practice and its implications on the future of design and education. This paper will be published in Design Principles & Practices Journal.

Above: Chris Garvin with his son Oskar

Contact Info

Tel: 215-717-6585