Call for Videos: Show us your UArts love!

The Office of Admission is looking for short video submissions that represent snapshots of life at UArts.  

Step 1
Create as many "life at UArts" videos as you like or submit videos you've already created.

Step 2
0:30 – 1:00 Videos – upload to your YouTube or Vimeo
0:06 Vines – share on your Twitter

Step 3
Fill out the below form and submit! 

Enter the URL of your video here. Accepted formats are: Vimeo, YouTube, Twitter

• I acknowledge that the video(s) I am submitting is/are my own work.
• I agree to allow my submitted video(s) to be published by UArts on websites and social media.
• I agree to keep my submitted video(s) posted until at least May 31, 2014.
• I agree to make no changes to the submitted video(s), title(s) or description(s) after submission unless requested by the Office of Admission.