Writing Tutoring

Writing tutoring at the University is designed to supplement and enhance students’ in-class instruction. Therefore, the writing tutoring goals and objectives are aligned with the objectives of the University’s curricula.

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What happens in a writing tutoring session?
Tutors work one on one in collaboration with students to help them achieve their goals. Tutors help students at any stage of the writing process. Tutors do not simply edit or proofread, while the student passively sits back. Tutors do not “fix” students’ papers. In session, tutors engage students in the process of revision. The objective of tutoring is to help develop skills in writing and assist in making long-term improvements.

Tutors help students in the following areas:

  • Topic brainstorming
  • Thesis development
  • Strategies of analysis and argument
  • Essay structure and organization
  • Paragraph construction
  • Research
  • Documentation
  • Sentence structure
  • Grammar and mechanics

Issues addressed in a writing tutoring session
When working with students on writing, tutors are trained to first focus on issues of content, organization, argument and structure Then they focus on issues of style, grammar/mechanics, and proper documentation. Tutors will work on all these issues. They prioritize argument over grammar because they may spend an entire session working on a section of an essay that is ultimately deleted. However, instructors may specify priorities for the writing tutoring session by contacting the tutor through the Center.