Explore the six dimensions of wellness and the resources you can find on campus.

Emotional Wellness icon

Emotional Wellness

Emotions come in all shapes and sizes. Learn lifelong skills that will help you develop skills to handle and balance emotions while building resiliency.

Environmental Wellness icon

Environmental Wellness

Love the planet and create a safe environment by recycling, reducing your waste and conserving energy.

Financial Wellness icon

Financial Wellness

Making informed choices about finances, building financial resource and having control over personal finances is important both in college and beyond.

Physical Wellness icon

Physical Wellness

Physical wellness is more than just "working out." It's finding a physical activity that you enjoy, eating foods that nourish and sustain you, and taking care of yourself.

Social Wellness icon

Social Wellness

Social Wellness starts with respect for yourself and for others. Get involved and connected while being a part of the global community.

Spiritual Wellness icon

Spiritual Wellness

Expand your sense of purpose and explore the meaning in life by finding your set of guiding beliefs, principles, or values while relating those to your daily actions.