We Are Artist

We are a creative group of people inspired by the art inside of us – a collection of diverse artists who have joined together because of one commonality: stepping. Stepping is a combination of stomps, claps and disciplined movement combined to create a wonderful art form called a step, otherwise known as a drill. As a team, we unite to create steps, formations, transitions and choreographed dances. We host events not only to share our routines, but to also encourage school spirit and school unity.

Our ultimate goal is to forge a co-ed, multi-cultured team that embodies students from every major, despite whether they are a performing artist of a visual artist. We aim to establish a bond that displays unity and builds school spirit throughout campus.

As WAA members, we believe that combining voice, energy, balance, precision and confidence creates power. That power is what gives us the motivation to perform our routines. We Are Artist believes that being an artist isn’t just announcing it when you’re in a room, but demonstrating it as you enter.

For more information, please contact We Are Artist President Morriah Young at myoung002@uarts.edu.