UArts Literary Society

The Literary Society is an organization on the University of Arts' campus dedicated to the discussion of literature within our culture and art society.


The Literary Society meets once every two weeks to discuss how literary subjects are being displayed in society, not only in written work, but also in film, magazines, newspapers, photography, television, and other mediums of art. 

Our hopes are to achieve an intelligent conversation that allows the intermingling of creative minds within the campus community and to show off peer work, while also celebrating our own triumphs as student artists.

We will be hosting Moth Readings, Open Mic Nights, Blind Book Dates, and student workshops, and there is (free) coffee!

Mission Statement

It is our goal to provide students with a forum that will allow them to share their thoughts with other open-minded and well-informed youths, creating an open discussion where they can choose to combat or combine ideas and theories using the input from the members of the group who attend the meetings. We will also decide upon a selection of writings to read and discuss each week, allowing students to share their favorite literature in the hopes that they will help each other find interesting stories and poems that they wouldn’t have known about otherwise.

To get involved, please contact Literary Society President Emily Famularo at or Vice President Alyssa Langenhop at