Student Leadership Opportunities

Being a Student Leader, whether a Community Advisor (CA), Orientation Leader (OL) or Resident Assistant (RA) can be one of the most enriching and rewarding experiences of your college career. The role of a Student Leader can be very challenging, demanding and it can cause stress. So, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with the responsibilities and expectations of being a Student Leader before applying. Keep in mind that there are big differences between all positions (CA, OL and RA), most notably that CAs work with high school age students during the Summer Pre-College Program, OLs work with new incoming UArts students, and RAs work with students living in our residence halls throughout the entire school year.

Student Leadership Awards Nominations:

Organization of the Year Nominees

UArts Korean Association (UKA)
Ladies of Service
African Diaspora Collective
Students of Creative Action (SOCA)
BLEND Theatrics
Artists Making Movement (AMMO)

Outstanding Contributions Nominees

Haley Warner
Ross Stillman
Richard Matthews
Maggie Fenning
Tara Norman
Jiyon Song
Kristyn Stickley
Olivia Kram

Program of the Year Nominees

K-Pop Dance Night
Harry Potter Night: A Night at Hogwarts
Black Arts Festival
Korean New Years’ Day Celebration
(Dis)comfort Women Exhibition
Economic Eating

Residential Student of the Year Nominees

Sean Rynkewicz
Trevor Fraley
Billy Sander

The Rising Star Nominees

Edward James Suh
Emily Kates
Diana Grater
Aleasha Alexander Watson-Mitchell Quzack
Max Van Kooy
Hyunho Lee
Marques Furr
Won Seok Chang
Iman Jones
Trista Sinex
Kate Crankshaw
Sam Levson
Symone Holiday

Significant Service Award Nominees

African Diaspora Collective (ADC)
Ladies of Service
Nia Benjamin and Tara Norman
Tito Williams
Kate Crankshaw

Student Leader of the Year Nominees

Kelly Myoungeun Lee
Elexis Morton
Olivia Kram
Sam Malandra-Myers
Onya Russell
Jessica Lee Clark
Maggie Fenning
Shane Mastardoni
Madison Claus
Colin Heininger
Tara Norman
Marques Furr
Taehyung Lee