Spring 2012 Dining Dollars

Students in residence halls on the 19-meal plan will have $25 in "Dining Dollars" available for the spring semester. Dining Dollars were increased to $100 for the fall 2011 semester only, in recognition of the inconvenience experienced by students using the temporary Hamilton Hall dining location while the Terra Dining Hall was being completed. Students who found the higher level of Dining Dollars of value to them in the fall may consider changing to the 19-meal/$125 Dining Dollar meal plan.

Similarly, students with the 14-meal plan received an additional $25 in the fall semester; this amount reverts to $12.50 for the spring. Similar to the 19-meal plan, these students may want to consider opting for an upgraded plan with additional Dining Dollars.

An important note: the University does not make money on the increased Dining Dollars since that charge is directly credited to students’ dining accounts.

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