Section 2: Student Affairs and Services

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Richard M. Longo
Vice President of Enrollment, Retention & Student Affairs
Telephone: 215-717-6618

Hamilton Hall
320 S. Broad St, Room 280

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Dr. Maria de Santis
Associate Vice President for Student Affairs & Dean of Students
Telephone: 215-717-6607
Gershman Hall
401 South Broad Street, Suite 311

Dr. Candace Wannamaker
Associate Dean of Students & Deputy Title IX Coordinator
Telephone: 215-717-6606

Gershman Hall
401 South Broad Street, Suite 311

The Division of Student Affairs values and supports the unique, transformative educational experience of the University of the Arts. We advocate for and provide a holistic approach to every student with programs and services that foster their intellectual, physical, social, and emotional well-being.

We are committed to the values of integrity, diversity, community, collaboration, and inclusiveness. We support students’ total educational experience: their transitions into and out of the university, their creative process, and their professional lives.

With an ethic of care throughout all student affairs departments, we endeavor to help students…

  1. Develop realistic expectations of the unique UArts experience, college-level learning and art-making in an urban environment;
  2. Foster connections with one another and with others within the campus community;
  3. Become fully aware of campus resources;
  4. Develop critical thinking schools;
  5. Learn to lead healthy lives;
  6. Learn to advocate for themselves and become independent adults;
  7. Develop an appreciation for those different from themselves;
  8. Understand and build connections between their intellectual, artistic and personal lives;
  9. Develop personal and professional goals and an effective post-graduate plan.

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C. Blanca Gonzalez
Telephone: 215-717-6820

1500 Pine Street, Suite 100

The Advising Center provides programs and resources to help students succeed academically at the University.  Throughout their UArts experience, students will receive guidance from faculty advisors in their programs and by staff advisors in the Advising Center.  Academic advisors in the Center can help students make a successful transition to college and explore academic options, including major, minors, internships, and concentrations.  All first-year students are required to meet with an Academic Advisor in the Center in their first and second semesters.  In their junior year, students will schedule a mandatory Graduation Planning meeting with an Academic Advisor in the Center.  Tutoring is available at no charge to all students to supplement their classroom and studio instruction.  Tutors can help students to improve their skills in reading, writing, ESL, and other academic and studio areas, including successful classroom strategies and study habits. Students may schedule appointments for advising or tutoring by calling, emailing, or visiting the Center.

The Advising Center also offers specialized services and conducts targeted outreach to students who are academically at-risk or on academic probation. In coordination with International Student Programs, the Center provides comprehensive ESL tutoring and academic support to students for whom English is a second language. Students with documented disabilities or learning differences may also be referred to us for academic support.

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Telephone: 215-717-6818
1500 Pine Street, Room 100

The Academic Achievement Program serves talented student artists, designers and performers at The University of the Arts. Our programs and specialized support services will enhance students' academic and artistic achievement, advance their progress toward degree, and sustain their professional careers.  Students admitted to the University of the Arts are invited to participate in the Academic Achievement Program (AAP) if they would benefit from additional assistance in meeting academic or cultural challenges that might otherwise limit their success.

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Elisa Seeherman, Director
Julie Woodard, Internship and Career Advisor
Telephone: 215-717-6075
Gershman Hall
401 South Broad Street, Suite 309

The Career Services Office is committed to supporting the education and professional training of artists in the visual and performing arts, design, media and writing. We offer comprehensive advising to students and alumni that assists them in building career development skills and provides access to professional opportunities and job market information. We are dedicated to supporting the multi-career life of the artist by offering personalized assistance that reflects the goals of each individual while also addressing the unique realities of establishing and maintaining a career in the creative economy.

Assistance is available for those seeking any kind of position, including internships, part-time jobs, summer jobs, freelance projects, auditions, and full-time career positions, as well as community service opportunities. Career Services can also assist students and alumni interested in pursuing fellowships, scholarships, grants, and contests, as well as those considering graduate school and alternative post-graduation options.

Specific services include career counseling, assistance with resume and cover letter writing, coaching on interview techniques and job search skills, and guidance in navigating the arts community of Philadelphia. Students and alumni can access UArtsCareers, a comprehensive online system offering listings of opportunities, at Students and alumni can also store and distribute online resumes and digital portfolios through this system. The Career Services web site offers additional guidance, including information on job search strategies, interview techniques, career development, and links to valuable Internet career resources. Career Services organizes an annual career fair and periodic professional development workshops.

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Brian Hainstock
Telephone: 215-717-6614
Gershman Hall
401 South Broad Street, Suite 307

Attending college can be a time of major adjustment for both undergraduate and graduate students. The University of the Arts Counseling Center offers counseling and workshops that can provide support.

Counseling Services encourages students already seeing a psychiatrist at home to establish a relationship with a professional closer to the University to help monitor symptoms and medications in a more consistent way and provide a more immediate level of care should a crisis arise. Counseling Services can help students with referrals to other professionals. Counseling Services strongly encourages students to carry health insurance that covers psychological emergencies.

All counseling issues are strictly confidential and the services are free-of-charge. Counseling and referral information is available on the web at

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Al Marter
Telephone: 215-717-6664

Gershman Hall
401 South Broad Street, Room 401

The University of the Arts offers dining services for all students through a partnership with Parkhurst, a leader in providing award-winning food service management to colleges, universities, businesses and special venues.  All new students who live on campus in one of our four residence halls are automatically enrolled in, and required to purchase, the 19-meals-per-week plan ($4,961 per year) during the time in which they reside in on-campus housing.  All returning students who live on campus are automatically enrolled in the platinum plan, but have the option of enrolling in the gold plan instead, if they so desire.  All students not living in our residence halls – commuters, full and part-time, graduate and undergraduate – are invited to select a meal plan online at Non-residential students interested in dining on-campus may choose from the following options:

  • Platinum - 19 meals per week at $4,961 per year
  • Gold - 14 meals per week at $4,300 per year
  • Silver - 10 meals per week at $3,300 per year
  • Bronze - 5 meals per week at $1,874 per year

Online enrollment is open through August 25, 2014. Since availability of some plans may be limited, early registration is recommended. Students wishing to amend or enroll in a meal plan after August 25may do so up until September 8, 2014, by going to the Office of Student Affairs & Dean of Students, located on the third floor of Gershman Hall. No changes to meal plans may be made after September 8, 2014.

Students with special dietary needs or other questions can visit the website at or email Dining Services at

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Dr. David J. Thomas
Educational Accessibility Advisor
Telephone: 215-717-6616 
1500 Pine Street, Suite 103

Within this community of artists, the process of learning engages, refines, and articulates all of our creative capabilities; the Office of Educational Accessibility is here to assist students with disabilities in the pursuit of their personal, creative, artistic, and educational objectives.  The Office of Educational Accessibility strives to coordinate services and accommodations that will enable students to act as independently as possible in a supportive atmosphere that promotes self-reliance and self-discovery.

The mission of the Office of Educational Accessibility is to enable student artists to succeed, creatively and personally, at the University of the Arts and beyond by removing barriers and promoting acceptance and accessibility. Assurance of educational accessibility and opportunity rests upon the legal foundations laid out in Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.

Students seeking accommodations and services through Educational Accessibility Services are expected to self-advocate and disclose fully the nature of their disability.  Federal regulations require that students provide appropriate documentation of a disability which substantially limits one or more major life activities before accommodations can be made.  Accommodations are tailored to the specific needs of each individual student in order to maximize their potential and will, therefore, differ from student to student.

While disclosure of a disability is voluntary, students are highly encouraged to meet with the Educational Accessibility Advisor as early in their UArts career as possible to ensure the highest levels of success.  The Educational Accessibility Advisor is available for regular appointments as well as drop in consultation on issues related to your experience at the University of the Arts.

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Suzanne Scott
Telephone: 215-717-6230
Fax: 215-717-6237
Gershman Hall 401 South Broad Street, Suite 306

Good health during college is an essential part of being a successful student-artist. In order to provide medical support for students, the director of Health Services oversees an office Monday through Friday dedicated exclusively to student health. The office renders first aid, treats minor illnesses, provides wellness/disease prevention counseling and refers students to other professionals within the local area. In addition to on-campus services, Jefferson Family Medicine Associates, located a few blocks from the University, provides medical services free of charge for UArts students with a referral from the UArts Health Services office.

The University of the Arts requires that all students have health insurance while enrolled in six or more credit hours. Since costs of specialists, X-rays, laboratory work, ambulance service and emergency room visits are not covered by UArts Health Services or JFMA, it is essential that a student’s health insurance policy cover these specific expenses. All students are required to provide health insurance information, whether he or she has private health insurance or plans to enroll with Academic Health Plans (AHP). This should be done on-line at Students who do not provide proof that they are currently enrolled in an insurance program by the start of the academic year will be automatically enrolled in (AHP) Student Health Insurance and are responsible for the annual insurance fee.  It is the students’ responsibility to complete the on-line form to ensure that they are covered either through private insurance or through the University sponsored health insurance plan.

For more information about the University sponsored health insurance plan to, please access the following link: enter the required health insurance information, please access

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania requires that all colleges and universities screen first-time students for immunizations. Therefore, entering students must schedule a physical exam, have a physician fill out the University of the Arts Health Form, and return it to the Health Services office by August 1, 2014. Health forms will be considered incomplete without an up to date immunization record. Failure to submit immunization records may restrict your ability to attend classes.

Students living in University housing are also required by Pennsylvania law to fill out a Meningitis Waiver Form. The University is not able to allow students to move into University housing without proper health information filed with Health Services.

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Mara Flamm, Director
Telephone: 215-717-6621
Gershman Hall
401 South Broad Street, Room 412

Melanie Boston, ESL Coordinator
Telephone: 215-717-6822
1500 Pine Street, Room 103

International Student Services assists all students from abroad as they adjust to living and studying in the U.S.A. In addition to serving as liaison for students from abroad, the Director of International Student Services assists students in securing necessary services provided by other departments of the University. Special programs designed to help international students include special Orientation sessions, ESL tutoring, Immigration Service advisement, and the Global Exchange Network, an International Student Services and student-run organization committed to creating supportive and innovative programming for international students. The Global Exchange Network also facilitates cultural programming for the entire university student body with the aims of cultivating cross-cultural relationships and increasing university-wide exposure to global arts and international issues.

The Office of Student Life makes special efforts to consider the needs of international students living on campus and provides information and guidance regarding off-campus options.

All international students should take special note of the University’s requirement that they maintain or secure appropriate medical insurance coverage, either through their family or through the medical insurance plan offered through the University.

The ESL Coordinator supervises the initial placement and registration of ESL students, coordinates academic support for students enrolled in the ESL curriculum, and monitors student progress through the ESL and Liberal Arts curricula.

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The Office of International Programs also coordinates the English as a Second Language Institute (ESLI) to prepare international students for whom English is a second language for college or graduate level studies in the U.S.  Classes are offered and meet on the UArts campus five days a week for five hours daily. The ESL Institute provides instruction in English grammar, conversation and college-level reading and writing, with a focus on art, design and the performing arts.

Weekly studio art and music classes will prepare students for their degree programs at UArts, including practice in communication strategies for studio and performance environments, critiques and juries.  Field trips, social activities and participation in UArts' cultural events will immerse students in the contemporary arts culture at the University and in Philadelphia.

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Jeanette Brown
Telephone: 215-717-6830
Emergency: 215-717-6666

1228 Spruce Street, Mezzanine Level

The University posts security personnel in all of its buildings to provide 24-hour protection. Every semester, identification cards are issued for all students, faculty, and employees and validated by the Office of Student Financial Services. Public Safety Officers may deny access to University facilities for anyone not carrying a validated identification card. Spot-checking of identification cards occurs throughout the day. Complete identification checking occurs each weekday from 7:15 p.m. until 8 a.m.; after 12 noon on Saturday until 8 a.m. on Monday; and when classes are not in session. The general campus area is patrolled on a regular basis.

Public Safety also provides programs to develop student awareness of safety and security concerns in an effort to diminish exposure to loss. The Public Safety Department administers the University Safety Program to ensure the safety of all students, faculty, and staff. In the event of a family emergency about which it is necessary to contact students at the University, parents or guardians should call 215-717-6617 during business hours or at 215-717-6666. Security personnel will take the necessary information, contact the appropriate offices to locate the student, and deliver the message.

ID Cards
At registration, the Office of Student Financial Services issues and validates identification cards to students who have fulfilled all financial obligations to the University.

Student ID cards allow students to gain access to all buildings and facilities and to procure services and privileges available at the University. In addition, ID cards may be used for admission to performances and exhibitions at the University and to qualify for discounts at many locations throughout Philadelphia.

If during the course of the year you should lose your ID Card, contact Student Financial Services immediately.  Replacement ID cards costs $35, which can be charged to the student's account if the student does not have the necessary funds available at the time of replacement.

Lost and Found
Items either lost or found may be turned in to the Office of Student Affairs & Dean of Students on the 3rd floor of Gershman Hall.

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Kathleen Embleton
Telephone: 215-717-6970

Gershman Hall
401 South Broad Street, Suite 309

Residence Life
The University of the Arts has made a strong commitment to providing a supportive living/learning environment. The University has four residence halls on campus. All residence halls are furnished and have separate bathroom in each apartment; some also have full kitchens or Microfridge units. Each building has laundry facilities and 24-hour security and maintenance. All residence halls are “smoke free.”

Each residence hall has a professional live-in staff member, a Coordinator/Hall Director (HD), as well as undergraduate live-in staff members, Resident Assistants (RAs). The HD supervises the RA staff in each building. RAs are trained in community development, peer advising and crisis intervention to assist students in their adjustment to college and life in the city. Together, the HD and RAs strive to develop a community that fosters an experience of student learning and engagement.

By signing an agreement and/or accepting a key and occupying a room, residents agree to abide by the standards listed in the Housing Agreement and Residential Living Handbook. Failure to abide by the Housing Agreement and the Residential Living Handbook will result in students being referred to the University’s conduct review system for violation of the Student Code of Conduct.  (See Section 3: Residential Policies and Section 8: Student Code of Conduct).

Students will receive a housing packet outlining all facilities and accommodations after they are admitted to the University. All new students are guaranteed housing if their housing deposits are received by May 1. On-campus housing for students after their first year will be determined through a housing lottery system.

The Office of Student Life assists students in finding off-campus accommodations through its off-campus housing programs that are conducive to both the student and the neighborhood, and consistent with policies as outlined in this Handbook. Early inquiries regarding this information are strongly recommended. Services include an Off-Campus Housing Guide, seminars and a depository of private off-campus housing listings.

Student Activities
The Office of Student Life sponsors a variety of activities to complement the academic programs including the University New Student Orientation program, popular café series, and developmental workshops. Other annual events include Constitution Day, Grocery BINGO, Masquerade Ball and the UArts Late Night Breakfast.

Students play a major role in determining the character of the student life program. There are many opportunities for involvement and leadership. The Student Council, when active, helps develop, plan, and implement changes that benefit the student body. The University community welcomes and encourages students to join this organization, which acts as the voice of the student body in the University governance system.

Student clubs and organizations also contribute to campus activities and students are encouraged to investigate the opportunities these groups have to offer. To learn about all clubs, organizations, the emerging leaders program and so much more, go to There are also opportunities to start new organizations to fit your needs. To encourage participation in sports and physical fitness, the University offers partially subsidized memberships at a local fitness center (12th Street Gym) along with events organized by students involved in intramurals.

For more information about any of these opportunities, contact the Office of Student Life.

Twitter: @UArts_OSL
Instagram: UArts_OSL

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