Residential Peer Tutoring

The Residential Peer Tutoring program was developed in Fall 2010 as part of the First Year Experience so students could receive tutoring and academic assistance in the student lounges of their residence halls. A Residential Peer Tutor (RPT) is assigned to live and tutor in each hall. In addition to tutoring their residents and off-campus students, the RPTs help in developing and monitoring residential tutoring and its corresponding workshops and programs. You'll find other peer tutors working in the lounges too!

The Student Lounges in Juniper and Pine Halls are open to non-resident and commuter students.

RPT hours are listed outside of the student lounge in each residence hall.

Check out who your RPT is for Spring 2014 semester!

Furness Hall - Rocco Peditto
Juniper Hall
- Aria Velz
Pine Hall
- Caitlyn Averett
Spruce Hall
- Christina Stefan

Caitlyn Averett
Junior, Dance major
Pine Hall RPT

She tutors: Writing and liberal arts courses, creative writing, dance core academics, dance studio practice, anatomy

Tuesdays 6PM - 8:30PM
Wednesdays 10:30AM - 12PM
Thursdays 5PM - 7:30PM
Sundays 3PM - 6:30PM


Rocco Peditto
Junior, Photography major
Furness Hall RPT

He tutors: Writing, CAMD Core courses, Art History I, Photography I & II, Junior level photography courses, History of Photo

Mondays 1PM - 4PM
Tuesdays 5PM - 6:30PM
Wednesdays 5PM - 6:30PM
Thursdays 4:30PM - 7PM
Sundays 7PM - 8:30PM


Christina Stefan
Senior, Industrial Design major
Spruce Hall RPT

She tutors: Writing and liberal arts courses, Sociology, Italian, Adobe programs, Art History, all Industrial Design courses

Tuesdays 8AM - 12PM
Wednesdays 8:30PM - 12AM
Sundays 6PM - 8:30PM


Aria Velz
Senior, Directing, Playwriting and Production major
Juniper Hall RPT

She tutors: Writing and liberal arts courses

Tuesdays 4PM - 6PM
Wednesdays 10AM - 11AM
Fridays 4PM - 7PM
Sundays 6PM - 10PM