reMIX: FYE Common Topic

Before you come to UArts this fall, check out the FYE reMix website and . . .

read, watch and react

reMix/reWrite/reAct is the Common Topic for this year's First Year Experience. You will be responding to remix culture at special programs and events throughout your first year at the University of the Arts:

  • First Year Writing Diagnostic Essay and Course Assignment

This fall, some of your assignments will focus on remix culture. You may be writing about a work of remix art or considering an essay written about remix culture. Your First Year Writing instructor will give you all of the details in class.

  • Lecture: Jonathan McIntosh, October 11, 2011

2011 Lecture
This fall, the University welcomes Jonathan McIntosh on October 11, 2011 at 7:30pm. McIntosh is a "pop culture hacker, video remix artist, new media teacher and fair use activist." His works have been published in major publications and he is a member of the Open Video Alliance and the Organization for Transformative Works, He recently returned from a speaking tour in Spain, where he discussed remix video as a political tool and ethics.

2009 Lecture
Francesca Coppa
presented "Things We Don't Have in the Future... and How Fan Arts Can Help!" Coppa is director of Film Studies at Muhlenberg College and founding member of the Organization for Transformative Works. Her lecture shows how fan works – fiction, art, vids, comics and other fan arts – talk back to and compensate for deficiencies in popular culture in general and genre fiction (science fiction and fantasy) in particular. While “remix” is now a prevailing artistic mode, it is important to remember its roots in minority cultures. Just as hip-hop and sampling came out of the African-American community, transformative fan works emerge out of a primarily female culture of both celebration and critique. See the 2009 lecture >>

  • reMix/reWrite/reAct Exhibit and Performance

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