Programming Events & Calendar

Upcoming Events:



25th - Button Making Night - Gershman Lobby, 7-9pm


3rd - Build a Bear - CBS Auditorium, 7-9pm
8th - Henna Night - CBS Auditorium, 7-9pm
12th - Make Your Own Valentine - Terra Lobby, 11am-1pm
16th - Open Mic Night - Levitt Auditorium, 8-10pm
23rd - Humans vs. Zombies - Levitt Auditorium, 7-9pm
24th - Health Fair - Solmssen Court, 11am-1pm
29th - Leap Day Celebration - Anderson Lobby, 11am-1pm


1st - Cooking Night - Terra Dining Hall, 7-9pm
17th - St. Patty's Day Craft Table - Terra Lobby, 11am-2pm
22nd - The Dating Game - Connelly Auditorium, 7-9pm
29th - The Price is Right - Gershman Chapel, 7-9pm
30th - Voter Registration - Terra Lobby, 11am-2pm


5th - Open Mic Night - Levitt Auditorium, 8-10pm
6th - Cheesesteak Taste Test - Terra Lobby, 11am-2pm
12th - Paint Night - Gershman 408, 7-9pm
22nd - Earth Day Event - Gershman Lobby, 11am-2pm
26th - Late Night Breakfast - Terra Dining Hall

Reoccuring Events
     Intramural Dodgeball:
       Every Wednesday from 9-11pm at 12th Street Gym
     Intramural Soccer:
       Every Sunday from 3-5pm at 12th Street Gym

Health Testing
Free HIV testing on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of every month from 10am-2pm in the Health Center (Gershman 306).