Outer Haven Entertainment Club

Outer Haven Entertainment Club (OH) is an aspiring focal point for trading card game players, video game players and animé enthusiast. Located within the UArts section of downtown Philadelphia, we make it our mission to create a culture that is safe, ideal, open-minded and focused on the needs of young people; particularly those interested in the animé, trading card game and video game communities. It is our belief that these communities offer the ability to learn about diversity, build character and social skills.

The goal of Outer Haven is to create a stable environment for anyone to enjoy their favorite past time in the comfort of others who are looking to do the same. Whether it is reading a book, web surfing, playing video games or trading card games, Outer Haven offers a unique opportunity for creativity and freedom from the burdens of everyday life. We thrive off the energy of our guests and it is this energy Outer Haven seeks to unleash upon the world through mediums reflecting appreciation for creative freedom.

For more information, please contact Shane Sullivan at ssullivan@uarts.edu.