Meal Plan Options

2015-16 Meal Plans and Rates
Meal Plans for the fall 2015 semester officially begin with dinner on Monday, January 18, 2016.  All dining facilities are closed during the Thanksgiving, Winter Holiday, and Spring Breaks.

Platinum Plan *
Includes 19 regular meals per week & 125 "Dining Dollars" per semester that can be used in any campus dining location

Gold Plan
Includes 10 regular meals per week and 4 additional guest meals & 25 "Dining Dollars" per semester that can be used in any campus dining location.  Guest meals can be used at anytime throughout the week and allow a student to swipe twice during any meal period in which it is used.

Silver Plan
Includes 10 regular meals per week

Bronze Plan
Includes 5 regular meals per week

* All students who reside on campus are automatically enrolled in the Platinum Plan. Returning Students have the option of changing their selection to the Gold Plan, up through the add/drop deadline.

**Fees subject to change pending approval from the Board of Trustees

Meal Plan Exchanges allow students to exchange one all-you-care-to-eat meal in the Terra Dining Hall for an equivalent combo meal in another location. One meal will then be deducted from the weekly meal plan allowance.

Dining Dollars can be used to make purchases at any dining location on campus. Dining Dollars provide flexibility and value when used to purchase a beverage or snack between classes or to treat others to a meal. Dining Dollars expire at the end of each semester.

Students can also add money to Declining Balance Accounts. In addition to being able to use the accounts to make purchases at any dining location, these accounts can be used to make purchases throughout the campus, including the UArts Store, Print Services and resale sites. Students can add money to Declining Balance Accounts at any time online. Unused funds in the account will be credited to students billing accounts at the end of the academic year.