Latino Student Union

Latino Student Union (LSU) stands to bring forth fellow students in an effort to establish a stronger and larger Latino foundation at the University of the Arts. LSU dedicates itself to educate and promote the arts among Hispanic youth both inside and outside the University campus. LSU partakes in collaborative events within UArts to serve as a unifying force not only for different cultures but for the entire UArts Community.

Community Involvement
The members of LSU reach out to current students and alumni as they strive to make a positive impact on their communities. As former president Jason Irizarry has stated (who grew up in Philadelphia's Olney section, visited UArts on a field trip in fourth grade), "Coming from a Philadelphia public school, this was really the first time I was able to see artistic expression in an educational environment and that completely blew me away," he remembers. "From then on I knew what university I wanted to attend, making it a goal to one day walk UArts campus as a student.” Jason has sent a lot of time volunteering with children - for several years the members of LSU have ran a candy drive at the University and spent Halloween with children at the Lighthouse community center in Northeast Philadelphia.

Get Involved
Contact staff advisor Blanca Gonzalez at or current LSU President Shelvy Paredes at