Hearing Advisors

Many students that participate in the conduct process have a lot of questions, while the FAQs on our website aim to answer those questions, many students find our Advisors to be most helpful.

Advisors have gone through a training process to better understand the format of our meetings, questioning process and campus policies. If a student is interested in contacting an Advisor, they can do so by searching the attached list of advisor emails. If you choose to work with an Advisor, please let your Hearing Officer know at least 24 hours in advance of your meeting.

Role of Hearing Adviser
Students may contact a Hearing Advisor if they have questions they prefer to ask a peer or want support during their meeting. Students and staff have completed training to serve as advisors and you may find them a valuable resource as you prepare for your hearing. The Hearing Advisor's role is to provide guidance to the respondent with regards to what to expect, reviewing the charges and preparing for questions. If you chose to work with an advisor, you need to let your Hearing Officer know 24 hours in advance of your hearing.

Conduct Advisers
Name Faculty, Staff or Student UArts Email
Alexis Amundarain [Sophomore, Dance]  Student aamundarain@uarts.edu
Sam Becht [Sophomore, MBET] Student sbecht@uarts.edu
Nia Benjamin  [Senior, Acting] Student nbenjamin@uarts.edu
Tiffany Bunch [Junior, Acting] Student [currently on Study Abroad] tbunch@uarts.edu
Madison Claus [Junior, Musical Theater] Student mclaus@uarts.edu
David DeCristofaro [Senior, MBET] Student ddecristofaro@uarts.edu
Monica DeDomenico [Freshman, Industrial Design] Student mdedomenico@uarts.edu
Samantha DeMarco [Sophomore, Dance] Student sbecht@uarts.edu
Ally Gallagher [Senior, Fine Arts] Student agallagher@uarts.edu
Katherine Gerberich [Freshman, Drum Set Performance] Student kgerberich@uarts.edu
Hannah Gregory [Senior, Illustration] Student hgregory@uarts.edu
Ryan Haberfeld [Junior, Acting] Student rhaberfeld@uarts.edu
Sam Malandra-Myers [Sophomore, Photography] Student smalandramyers@uarts.edu
Sheridan Merrick [Freshman, Musical Theater] Student smerrick@uarts.edu
Elexis Morton [Senior, Musical Theater] Student emorton@uarts.edu
Tara Norman [Senior, Musical Theater] Student tnorman@uarts.edu
Liv Rand [Junior, Vocal Performance] Student orand@uarts.edu
Billy Sander [Sophomore, Acting] Student wsander@uarts.edu
Giuseppe Sciumbata [Junior, Industrial Design] Student gsciumbata@uarts.edu
Lani Skelley [Sophomore, Acting (minor: Musical Theater)] Student lskelley@uarts.edu
Michelle Spivak [Junior, Illustration] Student mskelley@uarts.edu
Josh Thorps [Junior, DPP] Student jthorps@uarts.edu
Stephanie Valdivia [Sophomore, CAMD Core Studies] Student svaldivia@uarts.edu
Alison Willoughby [Sophomore, Illustration] Student awilloughby@uarts.edu
John Yazzo [Senior, Acting] Student jyazzo@uarts.edu

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