Christy Blanca Gonzalez

Director of Advising Center

Christy Blanca Gonzalez serves as Director of the Advising Center, overseeing advising as well as the tutoring program and the Academic Achievement Program. In collaboration with the advising team, Blanca develops innovative programs and enhanced support services for the University’s students.

Blanca  is devoted to helping student artists improve academically and grow intellectually and creatively. In addition to her role in the Advising Center, Blanca is a senior lecturer for First-Year Writing. Blanca has also taught studio classes in the ESL Institute, Summer Institute, Saturday School, as well as for Fine Arts, when she led a travel class to Budapest, Hungary.

Blanca received a BFA in Painting in 2001 with a concentration in education, and an MA in Museum Communication in 2009 from the University of the Arts.