AAP Peer Mentors

“The Peer Mentors were extremely supportive and very easy to talk to. They become your friends. They are in the same boat as you: students at UArts.”



All first-year AAP students who participate in Connect are matched with a Peer Mentor. Peer Mentors are continuing UArts students who are selected through a competitive application process. Peer Mentors serve as leaders during the AAP Connect Program and stay in touch with each student in their group throughout their first year. They coordinate group social activities, connect new students to the UArts community and host free lunches.




2017-2018 Peer Mentors: The AAP Office will begin accepting applications for the position of Peer Mentor beginning April 1st. If you are interested and have any questions, please let us know. You can drop by the office in the Advising Center in Gershman Hall, suite 207 to fill out an application!



2016-17 AAP Peer Mentors & Bios:



Stephanie DeFeo
Senior, Photography


Hey guys! My name is Stephanie DeFeo, and I am a senior Photography major. I am from Wilmington, Del. I enjoy traveling, meeting new people and adventuring to new places. I also enjoy running, listening to some crazy music and photographing the people around me. I was introduced to the AAP program my freshman year, and that is where I met my closest friends in Philly. UArts added me to their huge community of creative and aspiring people my freshman year and I cannot wait for you guys to be a part of it too! Feel free to add me on Facebook to ask me any questions or just talk. I cannot wait to meet all of you guys and show you around the city! Welcome Class of 2020!





Chanel Howard
Junior, Dance


Greetings incoming class! My name is Chanel Howard and I am a sophomore Dance major at the University of the Arts. I was born and raised in Atlanta, Ga., where I began dancing at the age of 5. Not only am I a dancer, but I have been trained in many other areas in the arts community all because of UArts. I love socializing with people and getting to know who they are. Here at UArts, you are entering a whole new world; a world full of people that share the same interests as you. A place where you can be yourself and explore your talents across the entire arts areas! At UArts, you will experience an encouraging environment that is way beyond any of your expectations. My fellow AAP Peer Mentors and I are here to guide you along the way. I am here to support, encourage, and most importantly, to be a friend you can depend on. I am always here if you need someone to talk to, so you can add me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or e-mail me. I am beyond excited to meet you all and I hope I can help assist you though your upcoming AMAZING freshman school year! Welcome UArts Class of 2020!





Zack Johnson
Sophomore, Dance


Hello fellow students. My name is Zack Johnson and I am a sophomore Dance major. I was born in Baltimore, Md., and I have lived in New Port Richey, Fla., and Havre de Grace, Md. I have moved five times and have been to eight different schools growing up so I have no problem putting myself out there and meeting new people. I love all sorts of games, sports and anything that involves hanging out with other people. Don't be worried, although college seems intimidating, you will make memories that you will never forget whilst finding yourself through the arts. You will be exposed to new and exciting things you've never experienced and AAP is the best way to get you started. I am always here to talk to anyone, whether it is about classes and scheduling or if you're just having a bad day and need someone to talk to. The first year can get stressful, but a deep breathe and a good talk can make all the difference. I am thrilled to be a mentor this year to help guide you all through your college experience. Hit me up with that social media though!


Facebook: Zack Cantler Johnson
Instagram: AttacktheZack





Zaki Marshall
Sophomore, Dance
Hey my fellow artists. My name is Zaki Marshall and I am a sophomore Dance major at UArts! I am from East Orange N.J. The youngest of five siblings, I love social events, outdoor fun sports and anything where I can work with others! Also besides dance, I am a member of the band dancing group The Royals and am also a tour guide in the Admissions office. Being a part of the UArts community was the best decision I ever made. To be surrounded with people who are passionate about the arts is a feeling I can't even describe. Becoming a new AAP Mentor and meeting the new class of 2020 is very exciting! As a mentor, I plan to help guide, influence and be a role model for you through one of the best experiences of your life! COLLEGE! While spending the next few years at UArts, you are going to channel your deeper and educated feeling for your art, while branding yourself into the best artist you can be. Being a part of AAP my first year made coming into college a great experience and I want to give that same precise feeling to the class of 2020.


P.S. Add me on Facebook.




Connor O'Neill
Junior, Guitar Performance


My name is Connor O'Neill, and I am a junior Guitar Performance major at UArts. I'm from a small PA town called Sellersville, which is north of Philly. I began playing guitar when I was 10 years old, and have been immersed in music ever since. My favorite music is creative music and my favorite musicians are multi-faceted artists. I love to read (especially philosophy), and I write in my free time. I also am a lover of photography and shoot film as much as I can. I'm lucky enough to be a part of the UArts community, which embraces the ties between all forms of creative expression. Feel free to add me on Facebook or Instagram (@coneillmusic) if you want a glimpse into my life! I look forward to meeting you all and introducing you into the UArts community as well!





Ashley Perez
Sophomore, Vocal Performance
Hey guys! My name is Ashley Perez and I am a sophomore Vocal major and Music Ed minor. I was born and raised in Brooklyn, N.Y., and I love to meet new people! I enjoy watching movies all day in my room and eating food. I'm always singing and laughing and making YouTube tutorials! I came into UArts my freshman year not knowing what to expect but AAP has made the whole experience amazing! I met friends who I am STILL close to within the first week! I am always here to support my peers and talk to you guys about whatever. I'm a laid back person and I want to help make your first year of college experience as great as possible! Welcome class of 2020!




Lindsay Ronaldson
Graduate Student, MAT, Music Education
BM, Vocal Performance '16



Hello everyone! I am Lindsay Ronaldson, a graduate student in Music Education. I am from Aston, Pa., and I am so excited to work with you all this upcoming year! I serve as a tutor for writing, music and English language skills, including converstion. I love working with people and I enjoy learning about others. I have a passion for jazz and musical theater as well as voice-over work for animations. I am a strong advocate of community among the arts. I have worked as a member of the opera and theater community in various locations of Center City, Philadelphia, and I sing with the Philly Pops Festival Chorus at the Kimmel Center year round. Although I commute, I am ALWAYS accessible on UArts' campus and I am easily reachable at all times. My goal is to promote youth education and spread positivity around Philadelphia through the many realms of art.





Alexa J. Snellbaker
Senior, Photography


Hello Class of 2020! My name is Alexa J. Snellbaker, and I'm a senior Photography major with a minor in Fibers + Textiles. I'm from Red Lion, Pa., which is near Lancaster County. I am the beauty guru. I love everything to do with fashion and makeup. So if you are looking for good places to shop or you need to find Sephora, just let me know!


I have been involved with the AAP since my freshman year. AAP has opened up so many great opportunities such as becoming a Peer Mentor, and it has allowed me to meet so many amazing people here at UArts. Choosing to attend AAP has definitely been one of the greatest decisions I have made coming into college. It has helped me to succeed academically, and it has helped me to overcome many social anxieties. UArts is a place of love and learning. We are a very open community here and no one is left out. Spread your wings and fly because this is your future. I am so excited to meet you guys! Welcome to UArts, Class of 2020!