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Alexis Williams

Spring Break in this weather?

So Spring Break is happening next week, which is something I only found out a few days ago. I was so surprised that Spring Break was happening when it's so cold outside. I mean the school can't help for the weather, but its such a huge dissapointment that it will be so cold outside the week that I don't have any classes. At that rate, if I'm going to stay in, I might as well be in class. Plus I love to write and take photographs outside, I really don't feel thrilled to walk around in cold weather. However!

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Liberia trip

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Tyler Seecof

Appreciating UArts

I always talk about the support system our school has.  Every school advertises how they help you in their broshures, but this school really does it!  In the school of Film, they had a meeting with the students last semester to let US critique THEIR work...and they listened!  We said that we'd like to work in groups, have more class time to workshop, and would like more time to do projects, all of which happened this semester.  

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Winter Break

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Tyler Seecof


Something you will be forced to do is to collaborate.  Embrace it becasue it may be annoying not to work solo, but the work you produce will be surprising!  This doesn't just mean collaborate with other majors.  Yes, film majors should go get musicians to score their projects and actors to star in them.  Dancers should totally audition for the musical.  Illustration and Animation majors should most definitely have a nice conversation about potential projects.  Also, you should collaborate within your major.

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My rapture of a good book

I cannot seem to put down the current book I am reading down. Every chance I get of free time, a break from work, or when I'm bored, I pick up Living and Sustaining a Creative Life. Edited by Sharon Louden it's an incredible collection of essays by 40 working artists. Not only has it introuduced me to new artists to discover, I also get their story. I learn what their daily lives constists of, if they have childern, where they live, their first job out of graduate school, and how they sustain their creative life.

Feb 6, 2014 | Comments (1)
Alexis Williams

Snow vs. Snow Day

So in the first week back, we had two snow days delaying the start of classes. I loved them, but by the third day I was itching to get back to class, especially since this semester I get some time in the dark rooms again! Plus I really don't like snow, so I was happy when I began to see it melt. But now I hear that after this wonderful weekend we are getting more snow! I know I might be crazy for saying this but I don't want another snow day, I actually want to be in class. This is something I never thought I would say three years ago.

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David Fertik

Escaping the Vortex

It was definitely a crazy winter break here in Philadephia. I'm sure as most north-easterners know there was the "polar vortex." I don't know about you, but back in my day, we just called it a cold front. 

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Tyler Seecof

First Day Snow Day

Today was the first day of the Spring 2014 semester, or it was supposed to be anyway.  My day was supposed to consist of waking up early, doing my first homework assignment which I procrastinated doing (Who wants to do homework over break?!), then going off to my first class of the semester.  However, something glorious happened: snow.  Don't get me wrong, I love going to school and am VERY greatful that I have this opportunity, but first day back from break is rough.

Jan 21, 2014 | Comments (1)
Tyler Seecof

Winter Break

Finally, break is here.  I'm very excited about that and to have a chance to go back home.  It was really neat to see all of the snow still here in the burbs.  In the city, the snow is all gone almost!  It's feeling like the holidays.


I'm off to go eat all the cookie dough my mom is trying to bake!



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